Daley Gator’s List of 25 Best Blogs NOW: Woot!

When something like this happens for a conservative blogger it is an awesome thrill! GatorDoug at Daley Gator is thinking about how we inform ourselves, our friends and family, “in these times,” and he put together a list of “25 Best Blogs Now.” Maggie’s Notebook is included among 24 others who care deeply about this country and these times. DaleyGator could be at the top of the list, but it’s his list, so, he wouldn’t do that. See the list here and look around at Daley Gator while you’re there. 

Click the Graphic to Visit

Click the Graphic to Visit

This is my list of the 25 most important blogs to follow right now, right now meaning in these times. These blogs are leading the charge against Obamacare, runaway government power grabs, entrenched politicians who care nothing about the Constitution, those who would take our guns, those who would impoverish us all in the name of fighting climate change, radical race baiters, and radical Feminists, and yes, the Islamization movement that would have us bow to Sharia Law. In short these are the 25 best blogs to read if you love America, our Constitution, and liberty!

Thank you Doug!

  • Local girl makes good! Congratulations!

    • Proof, I love being a local. Thank you!

  • Congratulations, Maggie.

  • Well done Maggie!!

  • love it Maggie keep up the good work

  • Neo

    Well deserved, Maggie, for one of my favorites.