Cry and Howl Conservative Blog Award: Thank You and…Woot!

Steve at Cry and Howl has put together a list of his “Top Conservative” blogs and generously included Maggie’s Notebook. I am appreciative and understand how difficult this is for a blogger to do. Conservative bloggers make good and supportive friends and trying to choose among good work is not an easy task. Cry and Howl is a great blog to follow. You can catch up on Kathleen Sebelius’ big and truly pitiful news today and enjoy Ray Charles singing Leon Russell’s A Song for You (Leon is a Tulsa boy, I’m a Tulsa girl) and click the beautiful animal below to see his list of Top Conservative Blogs (also a link at end of Steve’s quote will take you there).


I mean come on, you’ve got Fox News, WSJ, Breitbart, The Hill, Town Hall, etc. listed as top conservative websites. Personally, I think there are quite a few of them, and I’m not arguing about their popularity, that are not much more than “mouth pieces” for the Republican Party. “Fox News” … give me a break!  One could go to any blog on my side bar and find anyone of them informative and truly conservative.

So here’s my list of the “Top Conservative Blogs” in the blogosphere … (political blogs)

Thank you Cry and Howl (click his ‘about’ tab and see the origin of his blog name)!

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  • Congratulations Maggie..

  • Thank you dear lady for highlighting the “award”. Know for a certainty that it’s a honor and a delight to have made such great friends in the last several years in the blogosphere. Maggie’s Notebook is among the very most deserving of any and all recognitions for the work you do and your dedication to liberty.