Carrie Underwood Brad Paisley: ObamaCare by Morning Video – Country Music Awards

CMA host Carrie Underwood tries to help co-host Brad Paisley sign-up for ObamaCare to take care of his “twerked” back, cuz a twerked back is a medical condition. Part of the schtick uses the George Strait song “Amarillo by Morning.”

Brad Paisley - Carrie Underwood

Brad Paisley – Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley Try to Sign-Up for Obamacare (video)

  • It was a cute little sketch. Could have used a little more rehearsal, but the reaction form libs on twitter has been to cry…wait for it…”racism”.
    “Rich, white people” criticizing Obamacare, despite the fact that it was passed by lily white old Democrat men in the Senate, administered by a lily white Secretary of Health, but yet, to the knee jerk liberal, poking fun at a failed liberal program is “racist”.

    • Proof, I don’t think these award shows have much rehearsal time.

      Carrie Underwood is from a little town in Oklahoma. She’s rich now and she’s certainly white, as far as we know, but she has lots of relatives living in and around that little town. Just average people who will be hurt by what the Democrats did.

      • They don’t and it could have been a last minute addition, too. I liked it!

  • Earl

    I thought it was funny and to watch the libs go nuts over it made it even better 🙂