Beer Summit With Navigator May Get Your Private Data Shared: Apply Rule No. 17

A couple of James O’Keiffe’s Project Veritas (PV) plants, let’s call them “agents,” expose Chris Tarango (allegedly), the Texas State Coordinator of Enroll America, conspiring to win elections by sharing data from ObamaCare

Chris Tarango

Chris Tarango

enrollees. The video chat is over 12 minutes long. Snippets come up first and then, according to PV, the raw video is shown in full – so no cutting and pasting and “out of context” accusations.

The “agent” is pitching a plan to turn the list of enrollees into Democrat supporters via votes for the Democrat House District 50 candidate(s), known as the “Tarango Team.”

Tarango is eventually coerced into agreeing to attempt to get, and share with the PV agent, the confidential information for the District 50 area zip code.

Tarango likes the plan, doesn’t know if he can get the confidential information whic is “locked up,” etc, but thinks a “few beers” with the right person might make it possible.

Tarango explains that there are three organizations involved which “legally” cannot “talk” to each other because of their non-profit statuses, Enroll America, Battleground Texas and wait for it…Organizing for America:

So then after the campaign ended, we all went in three directions. So those are the – These three organizations, they’re all grassroots oriented, they all operate the exact same way but, and they’re all Obama 2012 people.

As the PV agent pushes, Tarango says:

“I like where your head is at. Your going by what we call Rule Number 17. Rule No. 17 is [inaudible] “Do whatever it f****** takes.

A polished version of ACORN.

After 5 years we know Rule No. 17 to be the plan since 2007, with tentacles back to the days of Rules for Radicals.

It takes Tarango 11 minutes into the “snippet” portion of the video to get down to business (to benefit his “Team”) and say he will talk to someone with access to the list “behind closed doors and I’ll get back to you on that.”

Honestly, if you’ve given your private information to these conmen/women, you are screwed. Even Consumer Reports said, ‘don’t do it.’ Cover your keyboard if you’re enjoying a coffee. Tarango actually says “we never do anything political.” Visit Project Veritas here.


Project Veritas Video: Sharing ObamaCare Enrollee Private Data
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