AP Photos of Obama Staged – AP in Oval Office Only Twice in Obama Presidency – Years Ago: Photographic Propaganda

Since Obama took office in January 2009, AP photographers have had direct access to him in the Oval Office exactly twice…both in his first term. So all those glam shots are staged and photographed by Obama’s paid photographic staff, primarily Pete Souza.

Obama Oval Office Staged Montage

Obama Oval Office Staged Montage

The AP calls this policy “propaganda” and is calling on newspaper editors to stop using the White House photo hand-outs. In an AP editor’s meeting last week, AP executive editor Kathleen Carroll said the policy works only because media are using the White House’s “preferred photos.” The message: so stop it. Refuse to use them.

The AP sent a letter to Obama saying he is “deceiving the press corps.” Think how “we the people” feel when the media deceives us every day – forget the photos. The omission of deserving news, the truth behind news, the dishonest spins, the lies and distortions.

Look at this hilarious statement:

The article quoted Mike McCurry, press secretary to former President Bill Clinton, as saying that Obama exercises a level of control over the media far beyond previous presidents.

“What gets lost are those revealing moments when the president’s held accountable by the representatives of the public who are there in the form of the media,” said McCurry. Read more at The Daily Caller

Uh, yeah! When was the last time the main stream media represented “the public?” When was Obama held “accountable” by the press other than Fox? Refresh my memory.

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