Al-Jazeera Hosts Exiled Muslim Brotherhood in Qatar: The Muslim Brotherhood Channel in America

Al Jazeera, including Al Jazeera English and Al Jazeera America (headquartered in New York City) are reportedly paying hotel suite costs in Qatar for Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood exiles who fled the country, fearful of a prison cell in their futures. Al Jazeera, whether cloaked in flowing desert robes and sandals or a Gucci pin stripe striding Fifth Avenue is the Qatari government. See a list of Al Jazeera America (AJAM) employees below – you’ll recognize many.

Kate O'Brien, Al Jazeera America President

Kate O’Brien, Al Jazeera America President

“Several of the [Brotherhood’s] exiles are living temporarily in hotel suites paid for by Qatar’s state-run Arabic satellite network Al Jazeera—and it is in those suites and hotel lobbies that the future of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood and, more broadly, the strategy and ideology of political Islam in the country may well be charted,” the Post reported Wednesday.

Al Jazeera and Al Jazeera America officials have kept quiet following the report, declining to respond to multiple requests for comment from the Washington Free Beacon.

Experts said the entanglement reflects the ongoing problems that Al Jazeera—and particularly Al Jazeera America—faces as both a news gathering organization and official arm of the Qatari government, which also funds the Muslim Brotherhood.

Experts said the entanglement reflects the ongoing problems that Al Jazeera—and particularly Al Jazeera America—faces as both a news gathering organization and official arm of the Qatari government, which also funds the Muslim Brotherhood.

“It’s a channel dedicated to the Muslim Brotherhood,” said terrorism expert and Foundation for Defense of Democracies scholar Khairi Abaza. “They fund the Muslim Brotherhood. It’s their anchor. So this is natural.” Source: The Free Beacon

Al Jazeera America, self-promotes as a “US news channel,” first airing on August 20th, 2013. The Al Jazeera family was quickly “caught airing the staged death of a person it claimed was a Muslim Brotherhood supporter.”

One of the first person’s interviewed on Joie Chen’s America Tonight was Muslim Congressman, Keith Ellison of Minnesota. Chen says her show is “stunningly apolitical.”

Partial list of Al Jazeera hosts, correspondents, etc., now on the payroll of the Wahhabi State of Qatar:

Trevor Aaronson, investigative digital reporter, Washington, D.C.
Ehab Al Shihabi, Interim Chief Executive Officer
James Bays, AJ roving reporter
Paul Began, AJ correspondent Denver
Josh Bernstein, AJ On-Air investigative reporter Washington, D.C.
Kim Bondy, Senior Exec producer for America Tonight
Richelle Carey formerly with CNN
Libby Casey, former C-SPAN host, AJ correspondent Washington, D.C.
Mark Coatney, former media director for Tumblr, AJ VP Digital Media
Heidi Zhou Castro, AJ correspondent Dallas
Joie Chen, formerly with CNN, AJ host of America Tonight
Patty Culhane, AJ correspondent Washington, D.C.
David Doss, Senior VP for news
Kilmeny Duchardt, AJ correspondent
Kate O’Brian, formerly with ABC, AJ America president
Marc Gatto, formerly with WWE and Discovery, AJ Executive VP
Mostefa Souag, Acting Director General
Duarte Geraldino, formerly in corporate finance and a journalist
Natasha Ghoneim, AJ Miami correspsondent
Jeff Green, formerly with Current TV, AJ executive sports programming (says he’s been a fan of AJ for years)
Lori Jane Gilha, former NBC correspondent
Kimberly Halkett, reporter
Sara Hoye, former CNN correspondent, AJ correspondent
Tony Karon, formerly with TIME (says AJ “speaks truth to power”)
Courtney Kealy, AJ correspondent
Jennifer London, formerly with NBC, AJ Los Angeles correspondent
Sheila MacVicar, formerly with NBC, AJ correspondent
Jonathan Martin, AJ correspondent in Nashville
Adam May, formerly with NBC, AJ correspondent
John Meehan, formerly with Reuters, AJ Senior Exec News Producer
Jeanne Meserve, formely with CNN, AJ correspondent Washington, D.C.
Antonio Mora, AJ host
Bisi Onlie-Ere, AJ correspondent in Detroit
Soledad O’Brien, formerly with NBC, AJ special correspondent
Michael Okwu, formerly with NBC, AJ correspondent
Michelle Ow, AJ correspondent
Ash-har Quraishi, Al Jazeera America’s Chicago correspondent
Randall Pinkston, AJ correspondent Washington, D.C.
Edward Pound, formerly with NYT, WSJ, AJ investigative journalist
Robert Ray, AJ correspondent for New Orleans
Patricia Sabga, formerly with CNN, AJ correspondent
Neal Scarborough, formerly with Comcast, AJ sports reporter
Allen Schauffler, AJ correspondent for Seattle
John Seigenthaler, formerly with NBC, AJ news Anchor
William Schneider, political analyst
David Shuster, formerly with Al Gore’s current TV and an MSNBC anchor
Andrea Stone, formerly with AOL News, AJ Senior Online Exe Producer
Ray Suarez, formerly with PBS NewsHour
Jessica Taff, sports reporter
Stacey Tisdale, correspondent for PBS, financial expert for NBC’s Today Show
Ali Velshi, formerly with CNN, AJ host of daily primetime business
Michael Viqueira, formerly with NBC, AJ White House correspondent
Jacob Ward, formerly with Men’s Journal (oops, he left AJ just 8 hours ago)
Bob Wheelock, formerly with ABC, Senior Executive producer

I don’t know about you, but I find it astonishing that so many would be so willing to earn a paycheck from a Wahhabi country.