Afghan Troop Interpreters Not Allowed to Immigrate: Betraying Afghan Families, US Troops – Aiding Taliban

If we assume there are good people in Afghanistan yearning to live freely, and those good people are not Taliban, we are betraying those trying to liberate their own country. The Afghans serving as critically-needed interpreters are being denied visas to enter the U.S. because, wait for it…”there is no serious threat against their lives.” In a country where the Taliban threw acid in the face of a young girl, shot another school girl in the face for the crime of education, the Obama administration again comes to the aid of the enemy. We refused to bring the Pakistani doctor who led us to bin Laden to the U.S. He was told his wife and two children could not come. He refused to leave them, a Muslim man who loves his family, and is now perishing in prison.

U.S. Military

We ignored the plight of Americans in Benghazi and lied about it. Four died. Since the admin refuses to give access to survivors, we have reason to believe the U.S. was in on the betrayal of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens, and we have refused to hold a single person accountable. Telling, don’t you think?

This is the ongoing, diligent, effort to fuel the worst of Islamic thought and deed and in doing so, we put our Warriors in positions they should not have to face.  Read Smitty’s story at The Other McCain

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  • It happens every time there is a Mooselimb in the White House.