US Postal Service Destroyed ALL ‘Just Move’ Stamps Showing ‘Unsafe Acts’

All of the postal stamps in the ‘Just Move’ series – ‘all’ as in every single one of them, have been destroyed because they show ‘unsafe’ images after the Michelle_Obama_helmet_233President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition threw a P.C. tantrum.  During the government shutdown, we apparently paid someone to destroy what taxpayers had already paid for, but not purchased (which is the way the USPS recoups their expenses). The children on the stamps are not wearing helmets, kneepads, etc., as they are jumping rope, tossing a ball, bouncing a ball, doing cartwheels, kicking a soccer ball, leaping to dunk, jumping, playing baseball, stretching, walking and jogging, doing a head stand, cannonballing into a swimming pool, climbing and hiking and swinging on a swing, are all a part of growing up and all are healthy. Note I left out skateboarding. I love the stamps! Idiots! Bizpac Review has all the details

UPDATE 5:49 pm: Hey friends, I missed a couple of ‘unsafe’ stamps. See them at Proof Positive and more at Twitchy.


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  • Will Diefenderfer

    Please get your facts straight…. The USPS doesn’t use tax payer monies. They generate all of thier revenue through the sales of the services which they provide. So no destroying those stamps didn’t cost the tax payers a dime, just lost revenue and the manufacturing cost to produce those stamps by the US Postal Service. Thx

    • Will, here’s the facts. Taxpayers fund postal workers retiree funds with at least $5B annually. So yes, destroying those stamps is funded by the taxpayer one way or the other. The USPS needs money from taxpayers, is trying to get more money from taxpayers to bail them out. USPS is a government agency. Call it “independent” if you want to, but…we fund your retirement. “We” meaning the taxpayers because you/they don’t have a frog in your pocket, I assume. The USPS is in trouble because of pensions. It’s disgusting. And you are right, it doesn’t cost taxpayers a dime – it costs them billions. By the way, do you pay to have your mail delivered to your house? Is that the “service” you are talking about?

  • If they had shown sex acts safe or unsafe, the admin would have been cheering and clapping. Remember, gay education starts in Kindergarten now in CA. Gay = sex = perversions shoved down our kids’ throats.

    • Oh opus#6 – s.p.o.t.-.o.n.!

    • Proof, I did miss some good stuff. Linked!

      • Funny, too, that as Michelle is experiencing Stamp Fail, her hubby has picked up a new nickname: President Stompy Foot.

  • I guess that the Obama charm is going real fast.

  • Terry

    This shutdown is not about “not having” the $’s to pay our debts. It is about spending! Continuing to spend, extra spending! Spending above and beyond what the federal gov. is allowed to spend according to the Constitution! The debt ceiling raising is about having more $’s to spend on extra stuff!
    Our government only shut down approx. 13% of the programs, ones that would only inconvenience or disgust “We the people”, but especially veterans in wheelchairs, senior citizens on bus tours, and parks that bring in revenue. So is that really a shutdown? Or? Just a tempertantrum by an administration that has a blatant disregard and disrespect for the Law of this land the Constitution, and the taxpaying citizens of this land!

    We the people had better wake up, Clean out the House (and that of both parties) of those that have forgotten or just disregard the “oath” they took to uphold and protect the Constitution!

    Let the shutdown continue, so we can really see those “elected representatives that are finding it not in their best interest to represent the folks that voted for them by playing this game of power like dictators. This massive debt infringes on our Unalienable rights, our Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness…..but most of all!!! It places our children and grandchildren into bondage!

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