Unintended Consequences of ObamaCare are Intended: The Intended Path to Single Payer Health Care

The jihad on American health care is just getting started. National Review Online gives “100 Unintended Consequences” of ObamaCare, but you and I know the consequences are intended. This is how single-payer health care becomes reality in America, with a little help from a fraudulent government contractor enrolling those willing to give-up their personal information, which has no chance of remaining private.


IBM: 110,000 of it’s Medicare-eligible retirees lose IBM health insurance – pushed into exchanges.

DELTA AIRLINES: $100 MILLION is believed to be the cost of the company’s increase in health care benefits. Changes coming, including dropping “specially crafted insurance plans for pilots” because those plans are subject to an ObamaCare tax that make the cost prohibitive for Delta.

UPS: 15,000 spouses of employees are bumped from the company’s health care plan. Dumping spouses will save $60 MILLION in 2014.

CATERPILLAR: No specific info on the company’s plan but it estimates ObamaCare will add $100 MILLION in health care cost, placing them at a disadvantage globally. You know what’s coming to Caterpillar employees is not good.

SEAWORLD: The 32-hour weeks for part-time workers has been knocked down to 28 hours. “More than 80 percent of the company’s thousands of employees are part-time and/or seasonal.”

STRYKER CORP: Laid off about 1,000 employees due to ObamaCare’s 2.3 percent tax on the medical devices the company manufacturers.

WELCH ALLYN: Will cut 275 workers due ObamaCar’s medical-device tax and will close some facilities.

SMITH & NEPHEW: 100 employees in Massachusetts and Tennessee facilities will be laid off to “offset” the cost of the medical-device tax.

CLEVELAND CLINIC, OHIO: Will cut their budget by $330 MILLION. Unknown number of layoffs.

WAKE FOREST BAPTIST MEDICAL CENTER, NORTH CAROLINA: 950 full-time employees will be eliminated due to the burden of ObamaCare.

ORLANDO HEALTH, FLORIDA: 400 jobs to be cut.

LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY HOSPITALS: 1,495 jobs cut due to $150 MILLION reduction expected in Medicare and Medicaid payments.

The above are 12 of a list of 100 cuts or other detrimental changes to health care budgets and employee jobs. See the remaining 88 here.  You might be on the list. The misery is just beginning.

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  • Helen Sabin

    MAGGIE – NOt only is your information NOT secure, the Navigators which were hired had no background checks done on them. In addition – HIPPA laws are out the window. I asked my doc how they could require me to give them information on whether I had a gun in the house, whether I had multiple sex partners, etc if HIPPA laws apply. He couldn’t answer other than, “We are required to do so.” I told him I refuse to answer on the grounds that will incriminate me – I take the 5th amendment.” I hope others also tell the government to go to hell!

  • My son-in-law works for UPS. He is furious that my daughter will be losing her insurance from him. So are rank-and-file Teamsters. Many voted for Obama. They have gotten shafted royally.

  • Cargosquid


    Not on your life.