Truckers Shut Down Access to DC – Traffic Backed Up 10 Miles: Supporting Vets March

There is so much info about the Million Vets March on Memorials on October 13, 2013, but the video below is a thrilling account coming from Ernest Lee, known as General Lee to the Truckers taking part in the Truckers Ride for the Constitution on October 11, 12 and 13. I’ve transcribed parts of it and marked the time on the video.

Ernest Lee ('General Lee'), Truckers Ride For The Constitution

Ernest Lee (‘General Lee’), Truckers Ride For The Constitution

3:29 mins-in: While they [Vets March] were in the midst of their march, our main caravan of trucks completely shut-off all access to D.C. We choked them off across all lanes, going at speeds of only 5 and 10 miles per hour for the next 1-1/2 miles, laying on our air horns.

The people marching at the Memorial to the White House heard the trucks having their back, having access to downtown Washington, D.C. completely shut-off, backing up cars for over ten miles behind us – all the horns going.

And you know, the people behind us? They weren’t angry. They weren’t angry – as we then opened a lane for them to pass as we turned to go northeast out of Washington, D.C. As they came by us they were giving us the ‘thumbs up’ out their window, pumping their arms for us to hit the horns more, but the people doing the march heard the truckers. They went crazy, chanting “go truckers, go truckers.”

1:15 mins-in: We sent a platoon, we’ll say, of bob-tail trucks right to the World War II Memorial. . .

1:50 mins-in: When the people saw those bob-tailed trucks and the bob-tailed trucks laid on their air-horns, they were mobbed by supporters. Cheers went out through the thousands and thousands of patriotic Americans gathered there. While this was taking place, we didn’t want to distract from the Veterans. We made one pass through there to show that the Truckers were behind them.

Then the main convoy force, full-trailered with an escort of over 200 four-wheel vehicles — everybody with flags flying, everybody with the support, everybody with the hashtags T4Vets and T2SDA for Truckers 2 Shut Down America — they supported us every step along the way as the crowd at the WW II Memorial began to disburse, they began to dismantle the barrycades around that monument and marching en mass down Pennsylvania Avenue, carrying pieces of the barrycades to lay at Barry’s front door. . .

On the same day, 21st Century Wire published this quote from Lee:

From early Sunday morning, Lee reported that the number vehicles on the roads have been building. Lee stated, “We got flags flying, horns honking, rigs, trucks and other vehicles stretching 10 miles along interstate 495 in Maryland. I cannot see an end to it, everyone has their flashers on.”

“We’re running at 42mph, and these people in the other lane are riding alongside us. We’re sending a message.”

Take a minute to understand the sacrifices of these truckers who left loads sitting, left their families and for the most part, paid for their gas out of their own pockets. God bless them and God bless America. More on the Veteran’s March here. Did you know the administration orchestrated the day so that Veterans visiting the Memorials had to walk or be wheeled an unacceptable distance to get to THEIR Memorials? Despicable and disgusting.

Ernest Lee (General Lee) Truckers Ride for the Constitution, October 13, 2013 (video)

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  • popcorn

    It sounds like a huge success!! Sorry the vets had to walk the “Extra mile” (or miles) But, then, soldiers are used to “walking”, and waiting.

    I think Barry got the surprise of his life.

    There have been parades, meetings, crowds showing up to protest, some of them on our side, maybe 2 on “their” side, but NEVER in the 68 years of my 78 year life can I remember something like the last 3 days.

    GO Truckers; GO Bikers; Go all you patriots in cars who loved what the truckers were doing 10 miles ahead of them!!

    If congress wants to ignore that message, and pass the stripped out spending “kick it down the road some more, Sam” bill and not bring a separate “Defund Obama Care” bill, then, the next “Mass meeting in DC will have to be the Sheriffs and their posses going to Capital Hill and The White house with Arrest warrants.

    Maybe they should go to the Members of congress’s homes of local offices instead. There would be fewer Secret Service guards there.

    Maybe, instead of the White House, they should go to the next political rally or Senior High school class where the Impersonator in Chief plans to be… Same reason as above.

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  • Sorry to rain on the parade, but the numbers of protesting trucks was much less than Lee said. Also, they had no real impact on traffic. A rainy holiday weekend on the Beltway always makes traffic. Claims of “10 miles” are ridiculous. In actuality, about 30-50 trucks came out. A few, less than a dozen, went to the WWII memorial, and vets for the most part, wanted nothing to do them. The trucker protest failed, so they tried to steal it from the veterans.

    The sad fact of the matter is that this event had a rather large donation fund, in the form of a PayPal account that was supposed to be used to buy fuel for the truckers. With few trucks in attendance and the protest being basically sabotaged by false reports from the organizers of arresting Congressman and of the Nationsl Guard coming in to close the Beltway, it’s questionable. The facts are showing a money-grab by the event organizers, as the fund was closed and the money disappeared.