Tim Giardina 3 Star Vice Admiral Cmdr of US Nuclear Forces Loses a Star – Counterfeit Chips Alleged

Naval Vice Admiral Tim Giardina, a career submarine commander, has lost one of his 3 stars for allegedly using “counterfeit chips” in the Horseshoe Casino in Council Bluffs, Iowa. He has been reassigned at the request of Air Force General Robert Kehler, the head of Strategic Command. Giardina is stationed at Offutt Air Force Base near Omaha, Nebraska. Note that after almost a month, he has not been charged with a crime, specifically using $1,500 in counterfeit chips. The numbers of Naval officers relieved of duty in 2012 has reportedly nearly doubled from 2010 and 2011.

Tim Giardina

Tim Giardina

Vice Admiral Giardina served as second in command of U.S. Nuclear Forces under the U.S. Strategic Command which encompasses “nuclear-armed submarines, bombers and land-based missiles.”

We don’t need “nuclear commanders” these days anyway. We’re junking our nuclear arsenal. Do we actually have land-based missiles after almost 5 years of Obama’s military scrub?

The Navy’s top spokesman, Rear Adm. John Kirby, said Giardina, who had held the job since December 2011, is being reassigned to the Navy staff pending the outcome of the probe by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service. The gambling matter originated as a local law enforcement investigation in Iowa in June.

As a consequence of being removed from his post at Strategic Command, Giardina falls in rank to two-star admiral. He had been suspended by Gen. Robert Kehler, the top commander at Strategic Command, on Sept. 3, although that move was not disclosed publicly until Sept. 28.

After his suspension Giardina remained at Strategic Command but was not allowed to perform duties that required use of his security clearance.

The decision to take the next step — to relieve him of duty — was made on Oct. 3, one official said. That required approval by President Barack Obama, two defense officials said. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to publicly discuss the internal decision-making…

A former commander of Strategic Command, retired Air Force Gen. Eugene Habiger, said he believes this is the first time in the history of the command that a deputy commander has been relieved of duty. Strategic Command was created in 1992 at the end of the Cold War. The aim was to unify the command of nuclear forces previously run separately by the Air Force and the Navy.

“I know of no other case ever of a deputy commander who was relieved for cause,” Habiger said in a telephone interview. He headed the command from 1996-98.

Giardina is a career submarine officer. He commanded Submarine Squadron 17 in Bangor, Wash., which included 10 nuclear-armed Trident submarines from 2001-03. He is a 1979 graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and holds an advanced degree in business administration.

Iowa state officials have said Giardina is alleged to have used $1,500 in counterfeit chips at the Horseshoe Casino in Council Bluffs, Iowa, across the Missouri River from Strategic Command headquarters near Omaha, Neb. He has not been charged with a crime. Source (all emphasis mine)

The Washington Post reports that the Casino “discovered” the counterfeit chips:

“We were able to detect this one pretty quickly and jump on it,” Dales [Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation] said. He declined to give specifics on how authorities determined that casino chips had been counterfeited or how Giardina might have been involved.

Much of what we know about today’s Military leaders at higher levels, those no longer serving in the field, is depressing. The Obama administration has castrated the truth about war and George Bush allowed the first cut and some Military leaders have bowed their heads and followed like sheep. We need only look at the Fort Hood killings to understand how far we have moved away from truth.

I don’t like cheats, you don’t like cheats but in this administration we haven’t a clue who the ‘bad guys’ are. Maybe Giardian was set-up and didn’t know he had “counterfeit” chips. Maybe his views are too conservative, too gung-ho. Maybe he had a ‘story’ to tell. Anything is possible under the Rules for Radicals.

Take a look at this:

Save America Foundation, Fred Brownbill 

 I was reading a report in Stars and Stripes magazine and noticed that up to September this year, in just the Navy, a high percentage of Naval Officers have been relieved of the duty.  Up to September 25 high ranking officers have been relieved of duty for what on the face of things are a whole range of disciplinary problems.  With three months figures still to come in, the number will probably exceed 30.  This will be nearly double those relieved of duty in 2010 and 2011.  Remember we are only talking of the Navy here. [December 4, 2012

See the list referred to above at Stars and Stripes. H/T to Facebook friend, Scotster Fararra.

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