Sunday Worship Music: The Air Force Hymn

The worship video below is the Air Force Hymn. If you believe the Air Force does not have a hymn, don’t bother stopping to tell me so. The voices you hear are the Air Force Academy Cadet Chorale. The person posting the video seems to have been a cadet. The words are a prayer for those who fly in “darkening skies or sunshine fair.”

Air Force Academy Chapel, Colorado Springs, CO ~ "The Cadet Chapel staff's mission is to inspire men and women to become leaders of character through spiritual formation."

Air Force Academy Chapel, Colorado Springs, CO ~ “The Cadet Chapel staff’s mission is to inspire men and women to become leaders of character through spiritual formation.”

News broke this week that the Air Force is considering dropping “so help me God” as they swear not to “lie, cheat, steal or tolerate those who do.” The tradition is that they end the oath with “so help me God.”

Friday’s move comes after the Military Religious Freedom Foundation protested the language, calling it unconstitutional and threatened to sue the academy if it wasn’t removed.

The Air Force Academy currently has about 4,000 cadets, who, when they graduate, will be commissioned as second lieutenants. Source: CBN News

The Academy says they may trash the entire honor oath.

“We need to be respectful of all people of faith and all people of no faith,” said academy spokesman David Cannon. “Our goal is to do the right thing for the Air Force Academy.”

The honor oath came into use at the academy after 19 seniors were disciplined for cheating on a physics exam in 1984.

“The cadets who owned the code thought developing an honor oath would help to reinforce the importance of the honor code,” Cannon said.

The honor code was adopted by cadets in 1956 a year after the first class entered the academy. Violations of the code are policed by a cadet honor board and expulsion is the presumed punishment, though violators can be placed on stringent probation.

The fate of the honor oath is in the hands of Superintendent Lt. Gen. Michelle Johnson.

Excellent news for those who believe their own faith allows them to lie, steal and cheat in the name of their God. We’ve had more than a few die at the hands of those rely on that convenient creed. The Fort Hood heroes come to mind.

If there is any “respect” for the men and women in the Academy, they will at least be given the opportunity to choose whether to end their oath with God or without Him.


Lord, guard and guide the men who fly
Through the great spaces of the sky;
Be with them traversing the air
In darkening storms or sunshine fair

Aloft in solitudes of space,
Uphold them with your saving grace
O God, protect the men who fly
Through lonely ways beneath the sky.

My favorite Christian blogger Carl Middleton wrote a wonderful column last week. I think it fits perfectly with the Air Force Hymn. I’ve quoted more than the usual snippet. The part that comes after what you read below is what you must take away for yourself. Please read it all at Carl’s place. 

After reading the entire piece, think about sharing it with those you care for, or those you know are struggling.

Jewish tradition, based upon ancient teaching, intimates that Psalms 91 is a dialogue between David, his son Solomon, and Jehovah (Almighty God.)

David asserts in verse 1 … “He that dwelleth in thesecret place of the most High shall abide under theshadow of the Almighty.”  

Solomon answers in verse 2 … “I will say of the Lord,(He is) my refuge and my fortress: my God; in Him will I trust.”  

David replies in verses 3-4 … “Surely He shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, (and) from the noisome pestilence.  He shall cover thee with His feathers, and under His wings shalt thou trust: His truth (shall be thy) shield and buckler.”

According to Jewish opinion about this Psalm, David continues speaking to Solomon in verses 5-13, telling him of the protection he shall receive from God bydwelling with, abiding under, and making God’struth, (the Word) … his shield.

And then after David’s discourse to his son, Jehovah God is introduced in verses 14-16, and basically confirms all that David has spoken to Solomon … that God shall deliver him from … “the terror by night, the arrow by day, the pestilence in darkness, the destruction at noonday, and any evil or plague that comes nigh thy dwelling.” 

God even says why He will do this.  “Because he(whosoever) hath set his love upon Me, therefore I willdeliver him: I will set him on high … and show him My salvation.”

And then the dialogue ends.  It usually does after God has His say. Read keep reading here.

Blessings to you and yours and may God be with our Air Force as they fly

…the wild blue yonder, climbing high into the sun…Flying men, guarding the nation’s border, In echelon we carry on…


The Air Force Hymn (video)
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  • byHisgrace

    Wonderful wonderful blog entry Maggie. I love your work. A friend’s son, who babysat for my son, or drove him trumpet classes now flies an F16. He has been made fun of, for not participating in the nonsense of Las Vegas. “I will wait for you in the car; I will be DD…” not enough…his charge is now an officer in the ARmy…all I can do is pray. God has them in His hands.

    • byHisgrace, thanks for that nice comment and for reading. I appreciate it so much. Prayers for your young friend in the Army that he will be safe and return to his family.