Rachel Maddow Hides Truth of Veterans March on Memorials, Says Barricades Were “Hurled” at White House

Rachel Maddow and her MSNBC staff reportedly edited video of the Million Veteran March on October 13, 2013, then spoke a few lies straight to the camera. You know how pithy she

Rachel Maddow

Rachel Maddow

is, right? About the Tea Party, she insinuated the march was Tea-Party-organized, and said being “vaguely threatening but incoherent is a patented thing with these folks.” See the video below.

The worst of her lies was her claim that when barricades were moved from in front of the World War II Memorial and others, not only did Veterans move the barricades but they “hurled” them at the White House. Untrue. The barricades were stacked in front of the White House, and yes, someone had to move the barricades back to where they should not have been in the first place.

The camera focused on the one man waving his Confederate flag but didn’t turn to focus on the many veterans and supporters who showed up that day – including black veterans. Maddow’s use of the race card is tired and loathsome.

Police in Riot Gear in DC - Fearful of Veterans and "Tea Party" (snort)

Police in Riot Gear in DC – Fearful of Veterans and “Tea Party” (snort)

She also said that police were assaulted by a senior citizen and were working unpaid. Police showed up in riot gear to protect themselves from the mostly elderly crowd. Video of them entering the area looked like a scene right out of Berlin. Police were paid. Riot Police were paid. Twice she said they were unpaid. For the record, they were paid.

There were reports that police closed a street to the Memorials forcing Veterans to walk long distances and/or walk or be pushed in wheelchairs over grass and down a hill. A large city truck was actually positioned to close-off the street with police cars behind it just as two buses of Veterans from Texas pulled up. See that video here and listen to one man, well-said (“there will shame and egg on your face”) with a Southern accent. “This is what tyranny looks like.”

Quoting BizPacReview:

Is it any wonder that Megyn Kelly at Fox News destroyed Maddow in the ratings for the 9:00 p.m. time slot, a fact later verified by Neilsen Ratings?

H/T BadBlue

Rachel Maddow, Patently Distorting, Lying (video)

Today's Warrior Takes Care of Business for The Greatest Generation

Today’s Warrior Takes Care of Business for The Greatest Generation Photo Courtesy of Andrew Creech

The photo of SSG Alejandro Jauregui, a double-amputee from MD is courtesy of Andrew Creech. Follow Creech on Twitter here.




Rachel Maddow, Patently Lying (video)
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