Pentagon Halts Anti-Christian Anti-Teaparty Briefings: Training Stand-Down, Retraining Trainers

Sheesh! They really did do it even though they denied it. The Pentagon allowed a “hate list” published by the Southern Poverty Law Center to be used by Army “Equal Opportunity trainers.” Troops were told the Tea Party and other organizations were “hate groups” and disciplinary action under the Code of Military Justice would be applied if there was any support of these organizations, financially or in any way. Now that official order has been rescinded with a “stand-down,” and taxpayers are retraining the trainers.

Fort Hood - Home of America's Armored Corps

Fort Hood – Home of America’s Armored Corps


SITUATION. Due to recurring Equal Opportunity (EO) challenges, the FORSCOM DCG has
directed an Equal Opportunity Training Stand-down. All units will immediately suspend all
Unit EO training to include the Equal Opportunity Leader’s Course (EOLC).


1. Retrain your EO Advisors (EOAs) and EO Representatives (EORs) NLT 31 October 2013 on
three primary training objectives:

a. Emphasize that neither DoD nor the Army maintain or publish any centralized list of specific organizations considered to be extremist in nature or in opposition to the Army’s core values. Read the entire directive here.

What are the Army’s “core values” today? The same as the DoD we assume, which is suspect for subversion on many levels.  The absurdity of this program being under an “Equal Opportunity” provision is overwhelming. Where are the directives to end the insanity in the other branches of the military and the Department of Homeland Security which has spawned these dark practices?

Two specific organization other than Tea Parties were targeted, the American Family Association  and the Family Research Council (FRC).

We’ve accepted the fact that a large number of ‘top military brass are willing to remove constitutional rights from the troops and have no trouble doing so, but it is appalling and shocking to learn that trainers have blindly followed the orders and kept quiet about it. “Can I tithe, can I donate to Christian charities? What if I donate to a politician who is a part of the tea party movement?” Read the background here and appreciate the two Fort Hood soldiers who came forward to tell the story.

H/T Matthew Vermillion at TheOKieBlaze, Liberty Bell Radio and OKforTea

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