Only An Animal Can Do This!

What kind of an animal is capable of aligning his gun sight with the face of a friggin 9 year old girl and pulling the trigger?  Asks a reader of the Jerusalem Post.  I have no answer for this man.  Not when one realizes that the shooter was a Muslim.


A 9-year-old Israeli girl has been shot and seriously injured in Psagot, near Ramallah on Saturday night.

The IDF’s Binyamin Division has entered the area with large forces to search for the gunman.

“We’re attempting to establish whether this was a sniper or a terrorist who entered Psagot,” a senior army source said.

The girl was evacuated from the scene in serious condition but conscious, to Shaare Tzedek Hospital in Jerusalem.

West Bank police said the girl had been playing in the yard of her house when she was hit by a shot to the upper body.

The spokesman for Psagot, David Tzviel, said that they know for a fact that the shooter infiltrated the settlement, and that the girl was not shot by a sniper. He said he based this on the testimony of the girl, who told rescue personnel that she saw the man who shot her enter her yard, come up onto the balcony and shoot her.

He added that the settlement is still on lock-down, and that residents have not been told they can leave their houses yet.

Tzviel said that an emergency siren was sounded in the settlement to alert residents of the danger, and that at the moment IDF troops and the settlement emergency response team are still searching for the shooter.


Only an animal shoots at children.  The reason the Arabs don’t shoot at soldiers is that the soldiers shoot back, but children don’t.

My prayers go out to this precious child (name is being withheld) and her family.  May she recover fully!

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  • helen sabin

    Maggie – muslim males are totally brain washed and propagandized from the age of 2. Look at the ones who threw acid in the face of the little 12 year old girl who wanted girls to be educated. They are rabid animals and should be shot like they the dogs they are.

    But also look at DHS using targets of children, pregnant women, seniors, etc to shoot at for practice – not much different between here and Islamic countries!

  • findalis,

    “Only an animal shoots at children. The reason the Arabs don’t shoot at soldiers is that the soldiers shoot back, but children don’t.”

    That’s pretty much the story. Combine it with the hate taught by their “holy” book and there it is. Apparently, they have no conscious.

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