Ongoing UPDATES – PHOTOS: Bikers Escort WW II Veterans – Moving Barricades: Facebook Shutdown State Biker Pages

SCROLL DOWN FOR OTHER NEWS. Belinda Bee at 2 Million Bikers Ride to DC is busy posting photos and info of today’s ride (Saturday, October 5, 2013) to escort Veterans of World War II into barricaded Memorials. NOTE: Belinda says Facebook “has locked down some of our state group rooms” making it impossible for updates on those pages, but so far the 2 Million Bikers to DC page is open. All of the updates below are from that page.

Meet Manny Vega, at the Memorial today, moving barricades.

Manny Vega, Former U.S. Marine - Barricades Open

Manny Vega, Former U.S. Marine – Barricades Open

I’ll be adding photos and info as the day goes on. This post will stay on top today and throughout the day I’ll also add comments between photos, in no particular order. Please scroll down for current news posts.

Bikers escorting World War II Veterans by removing barricades

Bikers escorting World War II Veterans by removing barricades

Riders sang Happy Birthday to Veteran “Bob.” [As far as I know, “Bob” is not one of those pictured below]

Happening Now, Saturday October 5, 2013

Happening Now, Saturday October 5, 2013

Message from Belinda Bee:

Folks…PLEASE NOTE: There are NO pics of those officers assisting [in removing barricades] ~ we would never jeopardize them just like we would never jeopardize our folks on the scene.

Happening Now, Saturday October 5, 2013 - Biker 'Manny' waving flag, removing barricades

Happening Now, Saturday October 5, 2013 – Biker ‘Manny’ waving flag, removing barricades

Message from Belinda Bee about 10 am CDT (She has been speaking with police for several days. Said police have her personal phone number written on their hand in case anyone gets arrested):

Police have closed the front of the Memorial **however, they opened the back of the Memorial to allow only the WWII Veterans to Enter.

That is all we wanted – for them to be allowed into “their” Memorial. We thank them.

NOTE: They did not arrest our folks (so far).

Barricades Removed

Barricades Removed

Rep. Mark Amodei (R-NV) at the Memorials today to assist Veterans entering.

Rep. Mark Amodei (R-NV) at the Memorials today to assist Veterans entering.

REMINDER: Private Citizens donated the majority of funding for the World War II Memorial. It was NOT government funded. Of the $197 Million cost, the U.S. government, using taxpayer funds, contributed $16 Million.

REMINDER: Bill Clinton did NOT deny access to Memorials in the 1995 shutdown. Visitors centers were closed but the Memorials were open – after all, these Memorials are “open air.”

Linked at Breitbart by Debra Heine – see another great photo and more info here.

  • cali

    I’m sure they heard Mark Levin loud and clear: “lay one hand on this veterans; harass or arrest just one of them and, I will bring 500,000 patriots from all over the country to defend their men’s right to access their memorial!”
    I know that there would be more in number; one thing we will never accept is the disrespect of our veterans!
    It makes me more than happy that Bikers stepping up as well; truckers are on their way too!

    Palin has it right – civil disobedience is in order! That schmuck (who is shown his feet on the oval office desk’ and, has awoken beyond the uprising of the Tea Party in 2010.

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  • The Iwo Jima Memorial was also barrycaded, but that barrycade was taken down by a bus.

    At the Vietnam Memorial police are physically removing veterans.

    King Barry even tried to shut the ocean down.

    The people are getting pissed off not just at Congress but at King Barry now. I understand Queen Michelle want to take another vacation.

  • Misha

    I hope the bikers will head over to the Vietnam Wall Memorial, because park police had German Shepard dogs out and made the vets leave. This is not East Germany & our veterans deserve better. Thanks for all your doing

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  • chris

    As a fellow Navy man, I thank you with all my heart. stand proud

  • Michelle

    God Bless All of you for helping these true Heroes ! God Bless All of the VETS and the BIKERS who came to take a stand and show their Support. Thank you for standing for my father, grandfather, my Uncle and my Dear friend Col. Edward Shames of the 506th , 101st P.I.R. Easy Company !! XOXOXOXX

  • Cheryl

    Thank you so much!!! I have been a guardian for Honor Flight Northland (Duluth Mn) 3 times & the Twin Cities group was there today. These heroes have waited too long for their trips. They should be allowed to see all the open air memorials. Bless you.

  • This is the kind of American courage we need to see more of I the days ahead!

  • Thank you for posting. This is great! Heartwarming. Now let’s get that wall down!

  • Ken Martin

    Great job escorting these members of the greatest generation. It just shows what totally despicable people Obama and Reid truly are. I hope the majority of the American voters remember this come November 2014. These people need to be shown the exit..

  • Donna

    …Joe from Overpasses was there BEFORE the bikers. He posted at one point that he was waiting on the bikers and that they were late. Someone asked about the barricades and he said the barricades were open when he got there but he had come prepared with bolt cutters to open them if need be. Not to take anything away from the patriot bikers who would have done whatever was needed to server the Vets…. (edited by blog owner)

    • Donna, I cannot dispute what you’ve said. I can confirm that no one has asked for their names to be used. I used them with permission but they have made it clear they are representing their teams, their patriots working along side of them. Never was there any spirit of competition. I do not think using words like “BS” and “lying” is appropriate. I have edited your comment. If you prefer I take it down completely, I will do so. So many factions are working in different areas, and the same areas. Those commenting here have nothing but gratitude to everyone who shows up to do a job some of us cannot be there to do.

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