Oklahoma: Camel Bones Found Near Cheyenne, Oklahoma

Oh no! Will Arabs claim a right to Oklahoma land? We have oil, gas, and beautiful women. What’s not to like about that? The video shows a good view of what Western Oklahoma “red” soil really looks like and says the fossils are estimated to be 5 to 12 million years old, and contrary to what we might think, finding camel remains in North America is not unusual.

Cheyenne, Oklahoma

Cheyenne, Oklahoma

An oil company drilling in far western Oklahoma has stumbled across a deposit of camel and horse fossils that are at least five million years old, possibly much older, scientists who’ve examined the remains say. Read more at NewsOK – an interesting story

  • Camels originated in the New World and migrated to Asia. If anyone would have a claim it would be the inhabitants of Mongolia. There camels thrived.

  • Oh no … Hide the goats!

    • Woodsterman Belly laughs.