Obama’s Domestic Abuse – Usurping the Power of the Purse: Revive Authorization Appropriation

Each day brings us closer to October 17th when the debt ceiling debate must be resolved one way or the other, bringing us closer to Obama, under his own self-embraced non-constitutional authority, deeming the debt ceiling raised. The truth, however, is that Boehner will cave and Obama need not deem anything. Terresa Monroe-Hamilton has two pithy and insightful articles for your reading pleasure (because she is an awesome writer) but sure send your blood pressure rocketing into the upper-atmosphere:


Obama: I Won’t Violate The Constitution, Unless You Make Me…”

In an alarming development, word comes from Mark Levin and others in Congress that the President is prepping to raise the debt ceiling unilaterally. You know — usurping the power of the purse granted solely to Congress. That ladies and gentlemen, is impeachment worthy.

Mark Levin gets it and America better pay attention:

OBAMA: “An economic shutdown, that results from Default, would be dramatically worse.”

LEVIN: You get it? You get it, folks? He’s laying the foundation for exactly what I’m saying.

He is going to break the debt ceiling. He is going to spend more than Congress has authorized. He’s preparing to do it… If he can’t get what he wants, he is going to circumvent the United States Constitution… And I smell this a mile away.

And he’s being encouraged repeatedly by pseudo-intellectuals, by Marxists dressed up as Constitutionalists, by people in his own party, he’s being encouraged to conduct himself as a dictator, and to bypass Congress and to bypass the Constitution, why work with him?

They want a full-blown Constitutional crisis. Please, listen to me, this is what they want! So they can continue to shred it!

This is why Obama won’t budge, like Clinton did and Carter did and Reagan did and Ford did and Nixon did. He’s the only one who won’t negotiate. This is why. This is his fundamental transformation. And I’m going to keep hollering this as loudly as I can because more and more people need to see it! There’s more. Read it at Noisy Room.

Jon McNaughton's One Nation Under Socialism

Jon McNaughton’s One Nation Under Socialism

More Domestic Abuse:

Obama is punishing America and her heroes any way he can. He’s punching us in the face, while proclaiming to the Republicans: “Now look what you made me do!” He’s guilty of domestic abuse on America. Small wonder… Mooch must beat the crap out of his Marxist little soul when he gets home at night. I mean, have you seen her arms? More at Terresa’s.

America, along with a Marxist President and Cabinet, our Congress is at least one-half traitorous and criminal. They have allowed the Appropriations and Authorizations process to die on the scrubby and malnourished vine it once thrived on – was constitutionally mandated to thrive upon, nurtured by votes cast in the interest of the good of the country.

A worthy goal for Conservatives is to demand the Appropriations and Authorizations process be revived and strictly adhered to, and then promise to take action against any President usurping the power of the purse. Doing so will put an end to a majority of D.C. corruption, and if it doesn’t, it will at least, shine a light public on the corruptors.

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  • With a Senate in control of Democrats, Obama can do anything. They will not impeach him.

    We can only hope that in 2014 the Senate becomes GOP. Or we will become a dictatorship in reality.

  • Lee Thomas

    Where the right and the GOP has failed miserably is in exactly defining the left and their agenda.

    To win debates you need to define and Drive the narrative. Right now the narrative is that the rich are getting richer, its the rich that are causing unemployment, its the rich that are all the evils of this world.

    The narrative is that Barak Obama is not a war monger but is simply trying to end the wars started by Rich Republicans.

    The massive debt is the rich’s fault. They don’t pay enough taxes. Only 1 percent of Americans are rich……ergo the press really is for the little guy and they are trying to protect America.

    In other words….the GOP has not settled on a message, figured out how to drive the narrative because they are too divided themselves with libertarian, NeoConservative, and old school conseratives in the party.

    Until you guys all figure out what the narrative is…..the right is just going to be jogging in quicksand. Right now the Right is dysfunctional. The left is not much better but they are driving the narrative, defining the debate and laughing at the Right as they fight among themselves over what it is they are trying to do.

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