ObamaCare Chart: List of State-by-State Premium Costs – Tighten Your Money Belt

Some states will see an increase in insurance premium costs under ObamaCare by 100 percent or more. The huge leaps are mostly among those 27 years of age to 49 years of age. Expect more states to be added to the 50 percent to 100 percent-plus category as the program kicks in. The bottom line: you get to pay more, receive less and get your medical records unattached to all privacy rights. See the chart below. States with premiums up 100 percent or more in the age 27 to 49 age range: Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, North Dakota, Texas, Vermont, and Virginia. The state of Virginia sees increases of 250 percent-plus in the age range of 27 to 50 and up. A family of four in Virginia will se their premiums go up 178.7% States with premiums up 51% – 100% in the 27 to 49 age range are: Alaska, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Idaho, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin Thanks to The Lonely Conservative who has more. Read it here.

And this doesn’t even include the deductibles! So, tell me again, how did Obamacare decrease the cost of health insurance? Note that this is the non-group market, so it doesn’t pertain to those who are insured through their employer. I can tell you, here in New York, premiums have risen in the past two years for employers. We purchase our insurance through our family business, and the increase this year was so much that we went with a high deductible policy. I used that calculator that was put out there and found that my family would not have seen a savings if we scrapped the employer plan and went through the exchange. So much for Nancy Pelosi’s promise to make it easier for people to go into business for themselves, or pursue their dreams, or whatever she babbled about.

Heritage Foundation:

Individuals in most states will end up spending more on the exchanges. It is true that in some states, the experience could be the opposite. This is because those states had already over-regulated insurance markets that led to sharply higher premiums through adverse selection, as is the case of New York. Many states, however, double or nearly triple premiums for young adults. Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Kansas, and Vermont see some of the largest increases in premiums.


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