Obama To The Rescue of Fainting Pregnant Woman With Diabetes

With three men behind her and one to her left, it was Obama, who seemingly, for no reason, turns to hold her up. Perhaps there were whispers coming from behind him. I don’t doubt that she was near fainting. Karmel Allison has reportedly had diabetes since she was 9 nine years old and is quite pregnant. She had been standing in the sun for about 25 minutes. An Obama aide appeared after he ‘got her’ and she was removed from the presence of The One. Mrs. Allison already has health care insurance but may believe ObamaCare will lower her premiums. Can’t wait to hear that story in about a year. God bless her and her baby. Diabetes and pregnancy is a challenge. If Obama would just shut-up we wouldn’t have to watch these self-serving, egotistical promotional tours. Here’s the video.

Barack Obama, Karmel Allison

Barack Obama, Karmel Allison

Barack Obama, Karmel Allison

Barack Obama, Karmel Allison

Karmel blogs about diabetes at A Sweet Life. Here’s a snippet from her entry on What Obamacare Feels Like to a Diabetic:

First, some background on my current healthcare status: I have been with the same HMO, Kaiser, since before I was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of nine. I have therefore felt married to Kaiser; in Kaiser’s eyes, I do not have a pre-existing condition, whereas switching health insurance companies might expose me to being labeled with the big scarlet D for diabetic. Kaiser is pretty good as a health provider so long as you can find good doctors, and I am lucky enough to have lived in big cities with big hospitals where I have lots of choice. I am also lucky enough to have wanted to stay in California all this time, and to have a husband who is very good at talking his way through pharmacies and bureaucracies when I am busy weeping with frustration that they won’t give me the medication I have been prescribed. (That’s a story for another time, though.) All that said, Kaiser raises its rates by 10 – 15% every year, and I don’t like the feeling that if I wanted to change, or needed to move to the East Coast, I would be in a very precarious position.

Obama Saves Pregnant, Diabetic Woman, Karmel Allison (video)

  • GoneWithTheWind

    I thought she went into shock when she heard what her new premiums would be under Obamacare.

    • Gone With The Wind, the ignorance of the constitution and rule of law of young people today is appalling.

  • It wasn’t the premium, it was the size of the deductible that put her in a coma!

  • helen sabin

    Why is this woman even having kids and possibly passing along the gene for Diabetes?? Where is her responsibility to her child? to society? to the medical world? And why was she chosen to stand behind the president? Perhaps so she COULD faint? Hmmmmmmm

    • Shades of Steel Magnolia. I really do not fault her for trying to have a child. Perhaps today, strides have been made to make it safer for both mother and child.

  • “All that said, Kaiser raises its rates by 10 – 15% every year, ”

    That phrase got me.. Since when have you not seen a Government cost not go up as the gov. finds out they’re getting billions that they can dip into..?
    Boy is this woman and her husband.. the doops they are, going to be surprised.. I see sheep ready to be sheared.. standing around the Pres..

    • David, She has had insurance since she was 9 years old. I don’t think any insurance company has made any money from her policies. My chart from Heritage says premiums will go up 10.1% in Maryland – one of the lower ones, probably because they are already over regulated. BTW, Montana is only going up 42.5%.

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  • bobmontgomery

    When O said “I got ya” he didn’t say it to her. He turned around and said it into the microphone.

    • It’s all a set up.. just watch this video.. Even Hillary got in on it.. watch how quickly she realizes someone has fainted.. If it was you or I and it really happened.. we’d be asking what’s going on? But right off the starting line she knew exactly what was happening.. no confusion for her.. or O..

      • bobmontgomery

        That was hilarious, David. That Narrator is better than any standup comic going.

      • David, thanks for the video. At first I thought Hillary was in the Rose Garden pumping the ObamaCare website.

    • bobmontgomery – sure did. Nice catch. I want someone to tell the story. What was said, what noise was made to make him turn around? That will be an easy one to come up with.

      • Thanks Bob and Maggie.. I saw that, and man you really see how fake it all is.. I mean I was born in 1945.. 68 years ago in about a six days.. lol… only politicians, I’ve ever seen have this happen to have been the Clintons.. both of them and this slime ball.. I mean when you think of their reactions.. they just aren’t surprised.. at all..
        Yeah Maggie.. I’m still wondering how ole big ears knew.. He may have seen her reflection in a teleprompter.. but those things are aimed down so they don’t reflect anything but words..

        • David Lemon, The media sure isn’t asking how he knew, and no one there is saying a word. Whatever we hear will likely be manufactured.

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