No Football Baseball for Troops on Armed Forces Network, Obama’s Golf Course Still Running, He’s Sitting for Portrait

The Armed Forces Network airs NFL and MLB games to our troops all over the world, until Tuesday, October 1st, 2013. Barack Obama has full authority to spend money where he wants it spent during this shutdown, and be assured the dollars are flowing but not to things that seem to be the very things Americans WOULD fund. Football games will not be seen by our troops, but the golf course at Andrews Air Forces Base is open for Obama’s tryst on the links, and maybe not just one. Grocery stores (commissaries, PXs) on Army bases are closed – costing Military families up to 30% more. Walmart gets it right though. Sam’s Club is offering all military members to shop without membership until the shutdown is over.


About the War Memorials that are closed, barricaded and wired-shut?

The House Natural Resources Committee sent out a flashback reminder today noting that open-air memorials along the National Mall were not closed to visitors by President Clinton during the 1995 shutdown. The committee Republicans even dug up a 1995 photo showing a sign at the Lincoln Memorial noting visitor services were closed, but guests still strolled through the non-barricaded monument.

No football, no baseball for the Troops but Camp David is open for the Obama family, but they seldom use it, and a photographer is estatic that BO was sitting for a photo shoot on yesterday (Thursday). We can pay for Obama’s photo but not football for the Troops.

Military educational tuition assistance is shut down and contracted Catholic priests have been threatened with arrest if they volunteer their services to the Troops.

The key to this whole mess? Obama has the authority to pick and choose what is paid for and what is not – the same authority he had/has with the sequester. He picks and chooses and flips off America every minute of the day. Remember Benghazi! Did you know BO is looking for input from you?

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