National Guardsman’s Personal Video inside Guard FEMA Briefing on Martial Law

A former National Guardsman, ‘Bryan,’ (left service in September 2013) begins the video in a phone conversation with Alex Jones. The former Guardsman explains the video he recorded/shot while in a FEMA meeting with his unit (FEMA runs his “old unit”). The video is below, and is partially captioned. I have as much of the transcript as was audible to me. ‘Bryan’ or ‘Brian’ says the conversation was about Martial Law. (updated inaudible audio at 12:41 p.m. CDT)

Boston 2013 - Woman Forced Out of Her Home at Gunpoint

Boston 2013 – Woman Forced Out of Her Home at Gunpoint

Memories: Aftermath of Boston Marathon - SWAT Everywhere. Residents forced to leave homes.

Memories: Aftermath of Boston Marathon – SWAT Everywhere. Residents forced to leave homes.

“…suspension of the Constitution, Second and Fourth Amendment rights being taken away and I openly asked them, ‘are we going to take guns?’ He said no, but they will. It’s clearly in the video, talking about the FEMA guys with us, so that’s the gist of the video. You can see that I’m filming the floor. It startled me when they said they were going to suspend the Constitution under Martial Law, which is pretty scary to me.

Begin video transcript at 1:23 min-in. Note that the speakers are different but as you listen to the video you can hear the voice changes.

…essentially yes, …pretty much at that time, your 2nd amend., all your rights, your 1st amendment rights pretty much everything is at that moment, just interrupted?

– so you said that martial law suspends your 2nd amendment so would — I’m not going to, but would you say we would take weapons from people?

That’s what they do…

Yes, I wouldn’t agree with that either, I believe in the Second Amendment, I wouldn’t agree with that either, but [inaudible] we’ve lost all control when the military moves in on your street they are now saying, you have no more rights unless you go inside your houses. That’s like the worst case scenario, but I’m saying, the way they are not looking at it politically regarding views that’s not how it is going to be used…


We’re not going to be out there on the street corner like “Hey Yo We’re here” unless we are out assisting at an event, we are not going to be out involved barge in a riot and not really have any authority to do anything that’s how it’s going to be used.

You are not going to be involved in a riot without the authority to do it.

You are not going to go knock down doors, like I need your shotgun?


You’re not going to go up to each house and say…

Well, they did that in Katrina, that’s why I’m asking and if we’re talking about s**t hitting the fan, I’m not going to do it

They’re not going to do that necessarily, it’s more or less like they go in your house, shut up stay there, that will be the full of martial law…


…cause the reason they have martial law in place, it’s the lowest situation when everything has already broken down, it’s a last resort to change…pretty much…your last ditch effort to put back law and order into that community, that’s why they have the national guard.


They did that in Katrina, right? They just go on and take away people’s rights…

Yeah, which I think is bulls**t, but…

You are goona cling to your rifle, they can take it from your cold dead hands?



We’re not gonna get political now.

End video

So the Constitution of the United States is “political?” The Rule of Law is political?

I don’t know about you, but I prefer all elements of law enforcement in the U.S. keep their ‘enforcing’ out of my home unless I make a distress call to 911 or police. In the case of the Boston Marathon and the Martial Law that ensued, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev could have been inside someone’s home, and perhaps someone in that home would have died, but in the end, we are inordinately vulnerable to our homes being illegally entered and searched. We see it so often, we no longer notice. We are in Constitutional Death Knell Mode.

H/T Minutemen of Tennessee

Alex Jones with ‘Bryan’ – footage of National Guard meeting with FEMA (video)
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