Move Out The Chaplains, Move In The Counselors.

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No this is not a Halloween prank.  It is a systematic plan to remove G-d from every facet of the military.  No longer will cadets be taking their honor oath in the name of G-d.  It is optionalChristians are considered terrorists.  And now the Navy is doing away with Chaplains.  They are replacing them with licensed practical counselors.

For years, the Navy Chaplain Corps has undergone little scrutiny or evaluation of its capabilities or effectiveness. Once examined, it becomes clear that the Chaplain Corps is expensive and provides a redundant religious capability, and its members are routinely employed beyond their capabilities. Therefore, the Department of the Navy (DoN) should begin phasing out active duty chaplains, replace them with licensed professional counselors (LPCs), and utilize the Reserve Chaplain Corps for duty exclusively in combat-designated areas.

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When a person is troubling and needs advice he or she doesn’t turn to a LPC, they turn to G-d.  Will they prevent religious services on bases?  And if allowed, who will lead them?  Is this only Christian chaplains or are other faiths included in this?  I wonder if this will apply to Muslim Imams?  Or are they the privileged faith?

I doubt any LPC would have the courage or fortitude of spirit to sacrifice themselves the way Alexander D. Goode, George L Fox, Clark V Poling and John P Washington did on that horrible night on Feb 3, 1943 on the USAT Dorchester.

4 men of G-d who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their fellow man.

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  • Jane

    I am beyond anger … our country needs to be rescued from our enemies within.

  • Thanks for sharing this here findalis. I feel beyond despair and I cannot imagine what the troops must be facing. This is not my father’s Navy which accomplished so much, and sacrificed beyond imagination.

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  • Smirking Wolf

    In my 12 years of dealing with LPCs in disability determinations I find them to be good chatters and listeners full of their vaunted egos. . In 38+ years in the sea services I never met one who I would expect to see expose themselves to more danger than a paper cut or maybe a scratch from a bicycle chain or golf bag. The sailors and Marines will take care of each other if the chaplains cannot. I’ve met chaplains who should have been the LPCs and I met chaplains who I would welcome to go through door with me because I know they would sacrifice themselves for their charges. Something needs be removed and it’s ain’t the chaplains.

  • bobmontgomery

    This is the last line of the linked article: The active duty Chaplain Corps should be thanked for its service and politely escorted out of the U.S. naval Service. – See more at:

    “politely escorted out of the U.S. Naval Service” is a sneering, condescending, hate-filled remark.
    If this captain is a real person, it would not be hard for a member of Congress to find out who and where he is and demand that his ass be cashiered, but most of all exactly who he is and where he is, all of his personal info needs to be published.
    Obama has three and a half years left to finish destroying the US military. He has a lot of help – hate-filled anti-American operatives who have been waiting for their moment in the sun.