Million Vet March on Memorials October 13: Update on Trucker Ride for Constitution

First thing to know – this is bipartisan. Doesn’t matter what your political leanings are, this protest and rally is to support Veterans and the right to visit THEIR Memorials, placed outside, in the open air, needing no one to turn on the lights or open a museum door. Below you will also find current info on the Truckers Ride For The Constitution happening at the same time.

The Million Vet March has a Facebook page. Find it here. This minute there are 23,719 Likes. There is a post allowing you to “Join” meaning you will be there. At this minute it shows 1,791 “people are going.”

Their policy, taken from Facebook:

Here is our policy: We do not support or endorse any candidates for office, nor do we support commercial causes. We support the march and the introduction of the bill to stop the denial of Access to the Veterans Memorials. We do not advertise. Everything is being done out of our pockets and our own labor. We will need to solicit donations in the near future. We will let you know.

Happening October 11th, 12th and 13th is the Trucker Ride For The Constitution or as it is generally referred to, the Trucker Strike.

I do not see changes in the organizational information outlined in detail here, but I see lots of photos of beautiful trucks, either planning to be there, or planning to shutdown for the three days in solidarity.

The idea for the Truckers ride is important to understand. We are asked to spend no money on the three days of the strike. Gas-up, buy groceries, take your lunch to work with you, etc. for the three days.

RVs, pickups, tractors, cars and motorcycles are invited to join the ride. If you cannot get to D.C., you are asked to ride in the Capitol city of your state.

If you are a trucker working that day, you are asked to fly the flag of the United States and if you find a convoy, join it before delivering your load.

If you are not riding, there are other ways to offer support in you own city. Read it here.

Visit the Trucker Ride For The Constitution here.

So, there is a lot going on this coming week with many ways we can each lend support. Stay tuned for updates.

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