Michael Behenna: Parole Hearing on Horizon – DOJ Says Behenna FORFEITED Right to Self-Defense

1st Lt. Michael Behenna is from Edmond, Oklahoma, a suburb of Oklahoma City. He is spending 15 years in Leavenworth prison for the “murder” of a terrorist responsible for an IED attack on his platoon, leaving two soldiers dead. The Department of Justice said Behenna “forfeited” his right to self-defense.” I didn’t think that possible in America. I’ve linked related information below. The thing to know today is that Michael has a parole hearing coming up January 2014. Note that his conviction happened at a time the United States was trying to get a Status of Forces Agreement signed with the Iraqis. One way to seal that deal was to make examples of some of our own fighting forces. He has been behind bars since 2009. We need a pardon for Michael Behenna.

1st Lt. Michael Behenna

1st Lt. Michael Behenna

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Details (all emphasis mine):

A year ago, syndicated columnist Diana West attended a hearing at which Army 1st Lt. Michael Behenna tried (unsuccessfully) to get the military’s highest court of appeals to overturn his conviction on unpremeditated murder. West said what she witnessed during Behenna’s Washington, D.C., hearing last April “was enough to make the gold eagle on top of the American flag in the courtroom shake and then hang its head.”. . .

Perhaps most distressing about the case, West wrote, “were the lengths to which the U.S. government was prepared to go to strip this soldier, and by extension all soldiers, of their ‘right to self-defense,’ even amid the untenable conditions of urban counterinsurgency warfare and its restricted rules of engagement.”

The Obama administration continues that assault with its response to Behenna’s request for a review of his case by the U.S. Supreme Court. Behenna’s attorneys argue that the ruling by the top military appeals court deprives soldiers of the right to defend themselves in unconventional wartime situations.

The Justice Department says Behenna forfeited his right to self-defense when he ordered Mansur to strip and pointed a gun at his head. It noted that Behenna disobeyed an order when he chose to interrogate Mansur on his own instead of taking him home, pointed his loaded weapon at Mansur’s head and threatened to kill him.

The soldier’s use of a weapon, the Justice Department says, “viewed in context of all of the surrounding circumstances, deprived him of the right to claim self-defense in the conflict he created.”

A conflict he created? Mansur had potentially helped kill two of Behenna’s men! And just a few weeks later, he was being sent home to kill again. Any number of other soldiers and Marines convicted of unpremeditated murder in Iraq received sentences that were consider-ably less than Behenna’s 25 years behind bars (subsequently reduced to 15). But they weren’t convicted during a time when the United States was trying to get a Status of Forces Agreement signed with the Iraqis. One way to seal that deal was to make examples of some of our own fighting forces.  Source: NewsOK

Michael’s family blog, Defend Michael, is here.

Most of us know the liberal leanings of Wikipedia. Consider this entry about this young American patriot, Michael Behenna:

During his tour of duty in Iraq, Behenna’s platoon conducted counter-insurgency operations in the Salahuddin province with a focus on the towns of Mezra, Hajaj and Butoma. Behenna made efforts to develop ties with local Iraqis as part of his counter-insurgency mission and, already fluent in Spanish, began to teach himself Arabic. He was known to host cookouts with his platoon for local interpreters, engage with civilians on the street and encouraged his soldiers to learn about Iraqi culture and to eat their food. This desire to interact with locals caused some friction within his platoon with one soldier commenting: “He would talk to random civilians, anyone. He was the type of guy that liked Iraqis. That was the only annoying thing about him. He was always about saving the country.”

Consider again, please, how any American ever “forfeits” his/her right to self-defense.

Please consider joining the Free Michael Behenna page and help pass on information about his parole between now and the hearing sometime in “early” January 2014. Read more here. H/T to Facebook friend Jennifer Gustafson Barnhouse.

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