Local Governments Spying on You With Big Federal Tax Dollars: States Sovereignty Shamed and Severed

Oakland, California received $7 Million in federal grant money to allow law enforcement to “collect and analyze reams of surveillance data from around town.” And Oakland is just the beginning.


For years, this reporter has covered the increasing dependency of local law enforcement on federal largesse and the regular disposal of federal funds on bolstering the surveillance infrastructure of the beneficiary towns.

All along the storied Las Vegas Strip, 37 surveillance cameras watch and record every movement.

Such an expensive purchase might surprise citizens of Sin City given that the Metropolitan Police Department is in the middle of a hiring freeze and has laid off dozens of officers all over the city.

The effects of the deep budget cuts will likely continue to be felt. The Las Vegas Sun reports, “The outlook only threatens to worsen, with Metro facing a $30 million budget deficit that could require it to shed as many as 250 additional officer positions over the next several years.”

Homeland Security has deep pockets, though, and the federal government loves using largesse to co-opt control of local law enforcement.

Maryland Transit has microphones in 10 buses to record your conversations – plans for 330 more. The mics are attached to video cameras.

In other words, the conversations saved on the MTA’s surveillance equipment will be made available to police investigators who will use the information revealed on the recordings to force citizens to “cooperate” with law enforcement regardless of personal preference…

Police in North Jersey have also been showered with givts from their would-be federal overseers. . . .

From coast to coast, the Obama administration is giving high-tech gifts and bags of cash to struggling local law enforcement to entice them to become subcontractors in the building of the global gulag. . . . All of the above courtesy of the Tenth Amendment Center. Read the details here.

No small wonder states have no reasonable expectation of sovereignty. They’ve gulped at the government trough for so long, they can’t quit. They are addicted, they know it, and don’t have the stomach to do something about it. Forsaking the Tenth Amendment doesn’t tweak even a tiny snippet of guilt. The result is the loss of your personal privacy. Visit the Sovereignty Campaign. You can help vet Congressional candidates. It’s a start.

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  • I’m aware of the fact that the casinos install cameras everywhere, but… the Strip *does* need federal money to install their cameras. I mean, it’s not like they are the gambling Mecca or anything.