Jim Inhofe: Obama Disarming U.S. While Allowing Iran to Stall – US Quit Polish Missile Interceptors in Final Stage

In the last stage of the U.S. portion of the Long-range Missile Interceptor program in Poland, we shut it down. In Obama’s first budget as president, he cut the ground-based interceptors the U.S. was building on Polish soil. Poland says they will go forward with the program without us. How many taxpayer dollars were spent to quit the promise we made? Snippets of Senator Jim Inhofe’s interview with Aaron Klein are below. Inhofe charges Obama with “disarming” the U.S. and says dropping out of the program places the U.S. in grave danger. Don’t miss the last paragraph below.

 The senator asked Klein: “Now why were we building that in Poland? … We

Jim Inhofe

Jim Inhofe

were doing it because we have 33 ground-based interceptors all on the West Coast of the United States.”

Inhofe said it “wasn’t until about 10 years ago that we realized how close Iran was.”

“And there shouldn’t be any doubt in anyone’s mind that if they had the weapon and the delivery system they would use it,” he said. “And where would that go? It would come from the east.”

However, Inhofe charged, cancellation of the U.S. interceptor site in Poland has resulted in the inability to effectively shoot down missiles coming from the east.

“Now we could be lucky if we had one shot to get it from the ground-based interceptor on the West Coast,” he said. “But we all know the security of that system is to be able to shoot, look and shoot. Now we can do that for something coming from the west. We can’t do it for something coming from the east.”Read more at Klein Online

This CBS report from March says Obama plans to put interceptors in Alaska to quell a threat from North Korea. Also in March, Obama sent State Department officials to Poland to assure Poland it.will.all.be.okay, and…no he isn’t doing Putin’s bidding.

Senator Inhofe is recovering from a quadruple heart bypass.

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