Hitler Thinks Michelle Bachmann Was Right: Jon Stewart Wants SinglePayer and so Does His Goofy Audience

That Jon Stewart, he can really take on liberalism when he wants to. What a guy! Last week, Stewart made big news by ridiculing Kathleen Sebelius over the failure of the ObamaCare exchange website. He had a good time with it, opening with “okay, I’m going to try to download every movie ever made and

Michelle Bachmann

Michelle Bachmann

you’re going to try to sign up for ObamaCare and we’ll see which happens first.” Big laughs from the audience and a healthy chuckle from Sebelius. Few noticed how he ended the program with a huge embrace of single payer health insurance as the place where government should have started. After all, Stewart said in a not so subtle way, people are too stupid to figure out what they need. That video is second below. The first video is Hitler realizing that Rep. Michelle Bachmann has been right about ObamaCare all along, and he needs Vernon Jordan for a round of golf. Jordan’s always good for a diversion. Do you remember Vernon Jordan? He was predator Bill Clinton’s close friend and “Quick Fixer-Upper who got paid by taxpayers for helping Monica Lewinsky and Paula Jones. Thanks to Right Wing News for the Hitler video – read today’s headlines at RWN.

Hitler Discovers Michelle Bachmannn was right afterall (video)
Jon Stewart: We Need Single Payer Because Americans are Too Stupid to Know What They Need (video)

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