GOP’s Unprincipled “Me Too” Posture: Virginia Get Out and Vote for Ken Cuccinelli

In the last two days I have posted two speeches by Ted Cruz, one on the Senate immigration bill and the second his Iowa Ronald Reagan dinner speech on October 25th. It was filled with reasoned encouragement, not ‘rah, rah rhetoric.’ Cruz is asking for a GOP focus on “growth.” How will the establishment handle that? Will they deny that “growth” is what makes the economy rev into high gear? I suspect they will find a way since Senator Cruz is doing the talking about a “core principle” of “growth.” Stacy McCain says Democrats are emailing their base an alleged Republican quote, “beat the snot out of them,” meaning not Democrats, but Conservatives – specifically the Tea Party. Find out who that quote is attributed to at The Other McCain and then read the following about a demoralized and apathetic GOP in the Virginia race for governor, also from Stacy.

Ken Cuccinelli

Ken Cuccinelli

As for Virginia, as incredible as it seems to say, the Old Dominion may actually be about to elect Terry McAuliffe governor.

The Real Clear Politics poll average has McAuliffe leading Republican Ken Cuccinelli by nearly 10 points, and by 8 points (50-42) in the latestvQuinnipiac survey. Why? It’s not Cuccinelli’s fault — he’s a good candidate who has run a good campaign. The problem is that Republicans seem so demoralized and apathetic after their defeat in 2012 that they couldn’t raise enough money to enable Cuccinelli to compete effectively with McAuliffe’s money machine.

Also, since 2010, the GOP has gradually backslid into a cautious, timid and unprincipled “Me Too” posture. If you’re for gay marriage and amnesty for illegal immigrants, you can vote Democrat, but if you’reagainst gay marriage and amnesty, Republicans won’t dare appeal for your vote by speaking out on these issues, because their consultants tell them your opinions are marginal and disreputable.

Virginia is the only state not allowing an incumbent to serve consecutive terms – so it’s one term for four years, and out.

Ted Cruz on the core principle of “growth:”

If we get back to our core principles, that’s how you reassemble and keep strong Ronald Reagan’s three-legged stool. Let me note, if you look at the last four congressional elections, ’06, ’08, ’10 and ’12, three of those four were disastrous for Republicans – ’06, ’08 and ’12 we got clobbered. In all three of those, the prevailing wisdom in Washington? If you took every Washington strategist and dumped them in the ocean, you know what you’d call it? A good start…

So that leads to my second point, growth is the answer. Growth, if there is one word that every Republican should have tattooed on his hand, it is growth…

What does that mean. What does that mean in practical terms? Well, if President Obama coming into office, Inheriting the same lousy economy that Ronald Reagan inherited, had implemented the same policies, and if those policies had produced the same economic growth, by today we would have an additional seven million new jobs in this country. ~ Ted Cruz, read the entire speech here.

Terry McAuliffe - Hillary Clinton

Terry McAuliffe – Hillary Clinton

If you are a “demoralized” or an “apathetic” Virginia voter, get out there and vote for Ken Cuccinelli for your governor. Do you know who Terry McAuliffe is? Have you followed his track record? Do you know of his close associations with both Bill and Hillary Clinton. Have you noticed both Bill and Hill have stumped for McAuliffe? Can you say corrupt cronyism? Even Salon, the very liberal Salon says McAuliffe is “a soulless political animal with no redeeming human characteristics.”

McAuliffe’s former but recent business partner at GreenTech Automotive, Charles Wang, said he wished he had never gone into business with McAuliffe. Read more at Moe Lane.

Think immigration fraud:

GreenTech Automotive was until fairly recently headed by current Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe, who was also chairman of Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign and a former head of the DNC. (Doug Powers at

More from the Washington Free Beacon:

The headquarters of GCFM and GreenTech (GTA) are in the same Mclean, Va. office complex. Rodham also traveled to China along with GreenTech supporters Bill Clinton and former Gov. Haley Barbour (R., Miss.) to secure investments for the venture.

Rodham was in direct contact with Mayorkas as recently as Jan. 29, 2013, according to correspondence obtained by

Rodham complained in the email that multiple investment petitions for GreenTech were yet to be approved.
However, this was not the only attempt by Rodham and McAuliffe to get assistance from the Obama administration for their business venture.

McAuliffe sent a letter in December 2010 directly to Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, McAuliffe complained that USCIS was “standing in the way of creating thousands of jobs for U.S. workers.”

McAuliffe wanted all of the company’s pending EB-5 investors to have their petitions expedited by DHS so that GreenTech could quickly advance one of its upcoming projects.

McAuliffe and Rodham have long run into image problems due to their use of the EB-5 program.

Officials at the Virginia Economic Development Partnership were wary of McAuliffe’s EB-5 fundraising plan, which they saw as a “visa-for-sale scheme” and worried that it could eventually “give the Commonwealth a black eye.”

McAuliffe is the founder of GreenTech Automotive. Wikipedia says he “quietly” resigned in December 2013.

RICHMOND — A fledgling electric car company founded by Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe has sued  following an investigation highlighting the automaker’s use of a controversial government “cash-for-visas” immigration program.

GreenTech Automotive Inc. blames Watchdog for an alleged $85-million loss after publication of two articles detailing the woes of the government immigration program, called EB-5. In one article, a financial expert criticized the EB-5 program as “a fraud.” EB-5 has repeatedly come under fire for lax oversight. An Illinois program was recently the subject of a Securities and Exchange Commission probe…

GTA counts among its allies Hillary Clinton’s brother, Anthony Rodham, who shares an office with GTA and is CEO of Gulf Coast Funds Management, an EB-5 center that raises visa-investor money for GTA. McAuliffe also was chief fundraiser for Clinton’s presidential bid. Bill Clinton made a high-profile visit to the company last year. Source: Watchdog

The Franklin Center for Journalism and Integrity is the parent company of Watchdog. They ran a series of articles disputing numerous claims McAuliffe made during his tenure as company chairman. In July 2013, it was revealed that GreenTech Automotive has a history of threatening lawsuits against entities they believe threaten their funding. See the Wikipedia link above – incredible that I’m quoting liberal Wikipedia about a staunch liberal and Clinton cohort. McAuliffe must truly be a “soulless political animal” for that to happen.

Hillary Clinton’s brother, Anthony Rodham is the CEO of Gulf Coast Funds Management, the company financing GreenTech Automotive. GreenTech is reportedly Anthony’s only current customer.

At the same time, Obama’s nomination for second in command at the Department of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, is on hold because of his connections to GreenTech and attempting to gain a visa for a “Chinese executive” after the visa was rejected. There is a federal investigation underway on the matter of the visa.

The question is, with Obama having a difficult time finding a replacement for Napolitano, will the next step be for Mayorkas to fill her position, and is it assumed as No. 2 he will actually be doing her job anyway?

If we are to believe that “apathy” kept Republicans away from the polls in 2012, we cannot make that mistake again. You know we cannot. We need every GOP governor we can get, and if there is any hope for Mark Levin’s Liberty Amendments, the GOP leading the way at the head of our states is critical.

So insufficient funds were not raised for Cuccinelli. Grab your neighbors and go vote for him on November 5th and remember, “growth” is a powerful argument for conservatism. McAuliffe knows nothing about nothing but Democrat fundraising.

If you haven’t read the Cruz speech on immigration and what the Senate bill means to every legal American worker, read it here.

UPDATE 10:36 pm CDT: The Lonely Conservative has much more on Cuccinelli. Just how conservative is he? Just how much do we need him? Read it here.

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