Fast and Furious “Walked” Grenades To Trace Grenades? Special Paint Used to Mark the Tiny Bits and Pieces? Really?

It’s time to ask the question in bold print. Is the Obama administration arming the drug cartels in Mexico by design – because they are lawless and lawlessness brings power to the unlawful? Are we purposefully aiding and emboldening those against true democracies? We did so in Egypt. How do we explain allowing the “walking” of grenades over the border from the U.S. into Mexico by an American? The Fast and Furious “walking” was to trace guns directly to Mexican drug cartels so that we could trace those weapons directly to the killers – trace them with a serial number. Maybe a gun would be left at a death scene with serial number intact, or maybe we would apprehend a cartel member and he would lead us to the scene of stashed ATF weapons, and the cartel members. Never mind that we have no authority in Mexico. But grenades? How does one “trace” a grenade after it has exploded unless there is an incredibly lucky piece of something left lying about with an identifying marker?

Jean Baptiste Kingery

Jean Baptiste Kingery

This report says that at least one “walked” grenade was used in the killing assault of both Mexican police and cartel members. One grenade out of ten was identified – only one, out of likely thousands. Did we “paint” the grenade(s) with some identifying mark? This report says we did.

Since American Jean Baptiste Kingery is believed to hae been buying hulls and filling them with whatever makes them go boom, he would be handling the grenades. Surely he could not see the paint. The paint perhaps shows only under a special light – like Meth? We used “special paint” with some device to examine the bits and pieces left? What’s the chance that of the ten grenades used, only one was from the U.S., and adorned with “special paint?” Did the paint disintegrate on the remaining nine, or did the light fail or were they marked at all?

This report says the ATF had a “secret plan” to track the “walker,” Kingery, but didn’t track him. Of course we didn’t track him.

American Kingery “smuggled” his last load over the border and disappeared, but if no one was looking for him, did he really disappear, and if ATF allowed him to “smuggle,” is that really “smuggling?”

At 2:15 mins into the video below, you see an assortment of grenades, maybe hulls, and other paraphanalia. We caught him. We took photos and let him go. The ATF has known about Kingery since 2009. It’s time we get real about the intent of our government’s Fast and Furious aspirations.

Kingery's grenade stash confiscated by U.S., photoed and Kingery Released. See the video below

Kingery’s grenade stash confiscated by U.S., photoed and Kingery Released. See the video below

The Department of Justice continues to lay down IED’s for the House Oversight Committee. Congress is not receiving updated lists of those killed with ATF (BATFE) weapons on either side of the border, as promised. Of course they’re not.

Jean Baptiste Kingery – “Walked” Grenades with ATF Cooperation (video)

  • bobmontgomery

    What’s next? Small, tactical nuclear weapons?

    • Why not. All they have to do is give Obama time to get to the bunker and it’s all good for the lawless.

  • Landis

    Hello Maggie
    You might be interested that a couple months ago or so, Mexican media reported that the Mexican army had recovered over ten thousand (10,000 ) grenades last year. No breakdown on hand & 40mm.

    Landis Aden
    AZMEX Dir.