Eight Years Dead – Hanging Body Doesn’t Decompose: Surprise For New Apartment Owner

An apartment sold at auction in Paris. The story is that no one had entered the apartment for eight years. A Cambodian native owned it. He committed suicide by hanging in 2005, the last time he was heard from, after being fired and filing a labor complaint against the company. He had severed all ties with family. Neighbors assumed he had gone back to his native country. His body was mummified – and still hanging when the new owner gained entrance with the help of a locksmith.


His apartment was eventually sold after he failed to make mortgage payments and to cover building charges.

A police source said the new owner discovered the body when he arrived to inspect the apartment and entered with the aid of a locksmith.

“The body was in perfect condition, as was the apartment,” the source said.

Investigators were unable to explain why the body had not decomposed.

Neighbours said they had no inkling of what lay inside the flat.

“I thought it was an abandoned apartment,” said Camille, who lives in one of the four-storey building’s 20-odd apartments. Source: AP (all emphasis is mine)

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