Dennis Miller: Fire a Believer of ObamaCare First – Who Else Would You Fire?

Why not? Really, why not? Conservatives have been warning about what will happen under ObamaCare since before the law was passed. Dennis Miller suggests that employers fire or let-go or cut the hours of an Obama-supporting employee before he/she fires or lets-go or cuts the hours of non-Obama supporters. Doesn’t need much explanation, does it? “Fire someone with an Obama-Biden sticker on their car in the employee parking lot. It’s the right thing to do.” Listen to it in the video clip below.

Dennis Miller

Dennis Miller

Fire a believer. They will understand. Just say we’re all in this together. This is what you wanted. We’re all in this together. I have to let you go. At least you’ll have health care in the single payer. . . .

Who else would you fire? Go out into the parking lot. If somebody has to be cut to 29 hours, if somebody has to be fired, you know how proud they are. . . clock who they are, as you have to fire people, call those people into the office. No, somebody who doesn’t believe in it. . . Look them in the eyes and say, no, this is your thing, I can’t afford you anymore, so at least you know I’m doing the right thing.

Who else would you fire?

Dennis Miller is my fav conservative celebrity.

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Dennis Miller: Fire a Believer in ObamaCare (video)

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