Clare Daly – Irish Delegate Blisters Obama and Ireland for Supporting Him: Hypocrite of the Century

Clare Daly is a Teachta Dáil delegate for Dublin, Ireland. Note that I have never heard the words Teachta Dáil before, and so any explanation of what it is may be inadequate. As I understand it, Teachta Dála is the “lower house” of the Irish parliament. A delegate is similar to being a member of parliament in the U.K. and delegates are also characterized as a “deputy.” Ms. Daly seems to be addressing “Teachta,” and she is blistering Barack Obama – calls him a “war criminal” and “hypocrite of the century.” While I’m not generally interested in spending time on what foreign entities think of us, Daly focuses on Syria and Teachta allowing the U.S., as directed by Obama, to furnish arms to Syrian rebels – arms that perhaps come through Shannon, Ireland. There is much more, and in the last minute, she speaks fondly of Americans but Michelle Obama, not so much. There’s more – the rest of the story, or the rest of a story…can’t validate any of it.

Update: A readers tells me Daly is addressing the “taoiseach,” Enda Kenny, who’s the head of the parliament.

Clare Daly

Clare Daly

Daly is said to be a 25-year member of the Socialist Party who just left the party, moving to the United Left Alliance (ULA). According to the Kevin Doyle Blog, Anarchist Lens, dated January 2013, Daly is/was in a “relationship” with a member of the ULA who pleaded guilty to corruption (no need to go into it here – just an interesting side story).

Socialists and actual Socialist political parties are a part of every day life in Europe. We are just now getting our first real dose – American style, which if given just a tad more time to seed, will sprout the European brand.

Clary Daly, Teachta Dáil


Linked at BadBlueuncensored news 24/7 – read it all here.

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  • Mary

    She’s addressing the taoiseach, Enda Kenny, who’s the head of the parliament. She’s got Kenny pegged, as well as Obama.

    • Mary, thanks for the clarification. Teachta was the closest I could find. I appreciate the info.

  • I am a fan of Clare Daly, socialist or not. Love the way she skewers Obama and the Irish Parliament for buckling to the one. She took the Parliament to task for their cowardice when Snowden was seeking asylum in European nations.

    • PUMA, I knew nothing about her. Don’t think I had ever heard her name. She is one tough cookie. The manner in which she spoke reminded me of Margaret Thatcher when she got wound up, except that Thatcher usually had a twinkle in her eye and she put you in a pot and then turned up the heat.

  • I saw this at the time of the Syria debate — she’s wonderful, I don’t care what party she belongs to. She was absolutely right about what she said, except for the praise for Michelle Obama.

    • norma brown, I agree. I was a little taken back when I found that she is/was a long-time member of a Socialist Party, but whatever, she hit the points with clarity.