Chuck Schumer Legislation Adopts McConnell Rule: “Incredibly Slim Chance” Congress Can Revoke Presidential Power

Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is, with all due respect and in my humble opinion, a lazy, devious SOB. Democrats have clutched at McConnell’s “rule” that removes the need for Congress to vote to raise the debt limit. One more step for liberal mankind, one giant leap for totalitarianism. Let Obama decide what debt limit he wants. It’s easy. No more long days and nights leading up to the vote where we unfailingly capitulate to massive spending with no spending cuts. No more harsh spotlights on unconstitutional Congressional members. When a powerful Democrat (Chuck Schumer) adopts a rule and names it after the one man in the opposition party (Mitch McConnell) who should lead the check-and-balance against waste, fraud and abuse under the Constitution, you know something wicked this way comes. Just saying, if you don’t show up at the polls at 2014, Nancy Pelosi will be baaaaacccckkkkk. (all emphasis below is mine)

L-R Senators Chuck Schumer, Mitch McConnell and Rep. Louise Slaughter

Remember the Slaughter Rule in the House on the eve of the ObamaCare vote. Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-NY), then-chair of the House Rules Committee, thought it appropriate for the Democrat-controlled House to “deem” the Senate’s health care bill to have passed – no vote necessary? In the end, the idea was abandoned and ObamaCare was passed by giving kickbacks to Democrat dissenters. Not a single Republican voted for ObamaCare.

David Horowitz writing at RedState:

The irony here is that McConnell has made it clear he is abandoning any talk of Obamacare and will instead focus on spending and debt in the abstract.  We already explained why it is dumb policy and stupid politics to focus on random spending cuts instead of Obamacare and other harmful government interventions that destroy jobs, raise the cost of living, and infringe upon personal liberties.

But the idea that we will ever fight against more spending when McConnell has given the farm away on any future debt ceiling leverage is absurd.

Ask yourself this question: when was the last time a Democrat scored points for our side – to the extent that a conservative member was able to name a rule after that individual?

Ask yourself another question: how are we ever going to build a Senate majority with members who score more points for the other team than the Democrats do for themselves?

It’s time we introduce the Republican rule.  When you work harder to fight for the other side than for the Republican base, you ought to find another job.

Slate’s Eric Posner is calling for a Constitutional amendment so that forever, Congress abdicates the power of the purse:

A better solution is a constitutional amendment. Section 4 of the 14th Amendment already provides that the “validity of the public debt … shall not be questioned.” But Section 5 gives Congress, not the president, the power to enforce this provision, and, against the background of Article 1, Section 8, which gives Congress alone the power to borrow money, the 14th Amendment cannot be interpreted to give the president such power, much as some people might like. Source: Slate

You think it unimportant because Congress will still have a vote? You are wrong. While Congress would have a vote to revoke presidential power, The Hill says the chances that Congress “could prevent the debt ceiling from being raised . . .” “are incredibly slim.”

Schumer on Sunday said his bill would be in the same spirit of the [McConnell] rule and “says that Congress must disapprove rather than approve increases in the debt ceiling.” Source: The Hill

Sixteen members of the U.S. Senate voted ‘no’ to re-opening government without the American taxpayer getting some relief somewhere. Remember them. They deserve your support and attention.

Cornyn (R-TX), Crapo (R-ID), Cruz (R-TX), Enzi (R-WY), Grassley (R-IA), Heller (R-NV), Johnson (R-WI), Lee (R-UT), Paul (R-KY), Risch (R-ID), Roberts (R-KS), Rubio (R-FL), Sessions (R-AL), Shelby (R-AL), Toomey (R-PA), Vitter (R-LA)
H/T Doug Ross and Larwyn’s Linx.

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