Calling Congress Members With Wire Snippers: Mr. Obama, Tear Down This Wall!

The headline: Goverment Barricades American Veterans From Honoring the Dead at The Washington Mall. Gawwwwd, that’s awful! I have been traveling, just got home about 2 pm today (October 4) and so I’m a bit behind on the news, but I remember hearing that some GOP and Democrat Congressmen, and maybe Senators, appeared at barricaded War Memorials a few days ago, moved barricades and allowed veterans to enter – especially those on Honor Flights. So GOP, where are you now that the Memorials are “wired shut?” Get your wire cutters and get on with it. Dare them to pull-out the cuffs and arrest you. Make us proud. Make our day.


On Tuesday morning, seven National Park Service employees were seen erecting and tending to a barricade around the World War II memorial in Washington, D.C. One NPS employee was operating a forklift. There usually aren’t any NPS employees working at the World War II memorial.

A couple hours later, when an Honor Flight of World War II veterans arrived, accompanied by Democratic and Republican members of Congress, the fences blocking the memorial were easily moved away, allowing the veterans to enter.

But the barriers are still at the memorial, and they’ve been reinforced. This morning, I walked by the memorial and noticed that wires had been used to tie the fences together…Read more at The Weekly Standard

World War One Memorial "Check out the barricade at the World War One memorial" ~ John McCormack, The Weekly Standard

World War One Memorial “Check out the barricade at the World War One memorial” ~ John McCormack, The Weekly Standard

The article linked above provides the second photo above of the “barricade” at the World War One Memorial, and I believe the writer’s intimation is that the barricade is barely a barricade, and unsaid, maybe there is no need to prevent veterans from visiting because none are live today. Corporal Frank Woody Buckles, the last surviving Veteran of WW I died at the age of 110 on February 27, 2011. Never mind, let’s punish those who gave so much, and knew some who gave all, and have little time remaining to honor their friends and remember the sacrifices. It defies words. This is a mean-spirited and traitorous administration. Obama loathes our Military.

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