Brendan Milewski Paraplegic Fireman Loses Health Care Insurance: Kwame Kilpatrick “Anointed by God” Has Coverage in Prison

Detroit fireman Brendan Milewski is a T-6 paraplegic meaning he has lost the use of his lower body. The video shows him walking slowly with a walker. In May 2010 a report about Brendan explains that he was the first patient to receive Ekso Bionics, “a wearable, robotic exoskeleton that powers people with lower extremity paralysis…to get them standing up and walking.” What you see in the video is an “experimental trial,” and not available until sometime in 2014. In everyday life, Brendan is wheelchair-bound. While on duty, a building fell, hitting him with a large piece of concrete. He has lost his health insurance and will have no coverage unless he finds coverage by December 15th. The female news anchor quotes a tweet on the story: “Ex-Mayor of Detroit, Kwame Kilpatrick, who many believe pillaged Detroit – he’s sitting in prison with health care.”


Do you remember Kwame Kilpatrick, Barack Obama’s close friend and donor who received the longest public corruption sentence ever handed down, after Obama endorsed him?

Democrat crook and former mayor of Detroit, Kwame Kilpatrick, was sentenced today in federal court to 28 years in prison for public corruption, the longest corruption sentence ever handed down to a public official.

Kilpatrick was endorsed by Obama and was once mentioned as a possible candidate for president.  Kilpatrick named himself Detroit’s “hip hop mayor” who was “anointed by God to be mayor.” Now he is known as the “worst mayoral leader of the past decade“.

Kilpatrick was running a criminal enterprise stealing millions from the city of Detroit, his convictions included tax crimes, racketeering, bribery and extortion. Source: Gateway Pundit

Here is a snippet of Brendan’s story:

“I got a letter saying that my healthcare, through the city of Detroit, was going to be terminated as of January 1, 2014, and that, if I don’t have another plan purchased by December 15th of this year, that I’ll have a gap in coverage. And they’re offering a $200 a month stipend to supplement the cost of purchasing my own health insurance.

“I definitely feel discarded. It’s disheartening that guys like me put ourselves on the line everyday. These Detroit firemen, they put their lives, their bodies, on the line every day.

“When there’s a school shooting, or when there’s a building fire or a whatever, a car accident, hazardous chemical release – soldiers don’t’ show up. When you call 911 – we do. We’re the first line of defense. And sacrificing our lives, our health, one would only assume that we would be taken care of…
“The benefits that we got, they weren’t given to us. They were earned. These guys worked their asses off for said 30, 40 years, sacrificing life and … health. The least they could do is have some sort of security after they’re gone, after the fires are out.” Read more at MyFoxDetroit if the video disappears or does not play, view it here


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  • What are the odds that Obamacare won’t cover experimental procedures, like the kind that get him out of his wheelchair?

    Here, Brendan. Take a pill.

  • Sounds like ObamaCare is right on schedule.

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  • Tony

    Just to clarify–he is losing his coverage because Michigan’s Republican mayor appointed a city manager who forced the city to declare bankruptcy, over the objections of the city’s residents and it’s duly elected representatives. While the city does have financial troubles, the very reason people wanted to solve them with methods other than bankruptcy was just this kind of situation–men like this firefighter who paid their dues and literally paid into a health care plan that is now not going to pay them back.

    The discontinuance of his coverage has absolutely nothing to do with Obamacare, in fact he may be able to obtain better and cheaper (and subsidized) coverage now due to the Affordable Care Act.

    Also, please keep in mind that the budget for MI’s state prisons is a completely separate matter from the finances of the city of Detroit, so while it may truly be unfair that this guy is losing coverage while Kilpatrick receives it in prison, the two facts have absolutely zero to do with each other.

  • Tony, was a taxpayer bailout of Detroit the choice Detroiters wanted, rather than an honest bankruptcy? You do know, don’t you, that Detroit hasn’t had a Republican Mayor since the 60s? (Did I miss an election?)

    Kwame Kilpatrick is an apt comparison because he is one MoTown’s worse, but I admit he has lots of competition. And what did Detroit do, they elected another Democrat. The only thing “zero” about this discussion are the IQs of decades of Democrats.