Bill O’Reilly on Obama Protecting His Legacy, Casting Doubt on Obama Lies

Bill O’Reilly says a lie must be provable and he cannot prove Barack Obama is a liar. He’s not sure whether Obama was personally involved in Benghazi decisions, or knew about the IRS targeting tea parties, or knew Americans would lose their health insurance as he told us we would not, or that he knew the ObamaCare website was a failure as well as an unsafe environment for your personal information. O’Reilly said several times last night that a president ALWAYS wants to protect his legacy – ALWAYS and that’s a fact in Bill O’Reilly’s mind.

Bill O'Reilly

Bill O’Reilly

Obama’s goals are more important than traditional ‘legacy,’ and he has surrounded himself with others just as ardent and passionate. There is a subset of persons, in the past dominate in other unfortunate places around the globe but now alive and well in the U.S., who believe lies are righteous if the goal is to be met. It’s not about “integrity,” or the aura of the Oval Office or history books. It’s about having the opportunity to get it done, and doing it, and refusing to be stopped.

But the end goal, and most urgent goal is to control health care. Fate is sealed quickly once that happens. ObamaCare is the first step to the big leap into single payer insurance, said to be ‘free’ but funded with your tax dollars, because government has no money not provided by one-half of us. Once we ‘go there,’ everything else is easy. Once the government controls your health, it’s over.

Forces are already at work revising history. Yes, ardent and passionate about it, they are.

It starts with devaluing the currency, changing law by written order or rule, suing opponents and taking taxpayer dollars from the states – part of the plan, while ignoring your own contempt of court charges. Kickbacks, payoffs, and likely blackmail are part of the plan. Whatever it takes.

It is necessary to bring wise energy policy to a halt through unlawful regulation, because energy drives the economy.

Refusing to protect the sacred right to vote is barely a stumbling block in America – we’ve accepted it.

The people behind Barack Obama with the Ivy League educations and fondness for Saul Alinsky, Che Guevara, Hugo Chavez, and Fidel Castro understand. They understand that once we are a socialist country their star rises. Obama is the engine for the task at hand, the first step, controlling your health.

Do you really think Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel will endure the same health care that will be forced upon you?  Were you paying attention when DHHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said it is against the law for her to have the same health care being forced on us? Did you notice?

With single payer, government corruption picks up speed. Nothing happens slowly after your life is in its hands, other than the wait-time to see a medical professional – if you get a professional.

Other aspiring dictators will try to move in, will get close to the traitor in the White House or oppose him with their own designer lies, but by then, none of it matters because you cannot turn things around. Successful coups by the guys in the white hats are few because gun control follows health care control. It’s dangerous for you to own a gun. Some of you have already seen that in your own doctor’s office.

Legacy depends on history books and the InterTubes. A person with the power to change law without Congress, can and will rewrite history.

Those of us wholly disturbed today understand that Obama followers are either naive or uninterested about Constitutional issues and will not notice history is a lie. What they see and hear is that government will bear financial burdens for them. When Rep. John Lewis (D-GA-5th) claims health care is a right, and half of America applauds, the danger is at your door.

Today the reality is, Americans are little different from others around the world living less than free, but the question is, are Americans different enough that we will not allow Obama’s full legacy to percolate to fully-brewed?

Yes, Germany had its turn-around but it took a World War to make it happen and 8 million Germans dead. No one will be coming to the aid of America as the marxist agenda marches on. The rest of the world is fighting its own battles against tyranny, and losing.

So, Bill O’Reilly, you will think it silly and extremist to use the word “dictator,” but laws changed by one person in the U.S. violates the Rule of Law that has kept us free. It’s what dictators do – they change the laws, they change the rules, with the help of a silent media, look you in the eye and make you the fool as the adoring crowd roars in approval.

You cannot prove that Obama gives a fig about the kind of ‘legacy’ you know from the past. There is nothing traditional about Barack Obama, but there are traditions that drive dictators and you are seeing them unfold in your talking points every night. 

The video below is well worth you time. It’s a true story of Canadian Single Payer health care, courtesy of Debbie at Right Truth. Read more here.

Private Health Care Outlawed in Ontario, Canada – Single Payer, Only, is Allowed (video)

  • Now you know why I don’t watch Wishy Washy O’Reilly anymore.