Bikers Ride for WW II Veterans Memorial Oct. 5, 2013 Details ~ Escort & Honor Ride: Kick Stands Up Again!

Eric Zern, one of two national coordinators of the 2 Million Bikers Ride to DC, along with Belinda Bee, is now coordinating the Ride for WWII Veterans Memorial ~ Escort & Honor Ride. Details below from Eric’s Facebook page and the “Ride’s” Facebook page (PLEASE…read the second message below from Eric as well. He explains what this ride is NOT). Also Belinda Bee’s message found below about her discussion with DC police.

World War II Memorial Barricaded on Washington Mall

World War II Memorial Barricaded on Washington Mall

When: Saturday, October 5, 2013

Time: Rally 9 a.m., KSU 11:00 a.m.

Location: Harley Davidson of Washington, DC, 9407 Livingston Road, Ft. Washington, Maryland

We have full support from 2MBTDC and Top Fuel Bill’s riders support this event. Both groups have distributed full ride details to their members. We already have riders coming in from adjacent states to support our vets. At the present time, we are expecting 1,000+ riders to come to DC to support this event!

Please escalate this event to all interested riders! We are going to show DC how quickly we can amass a staggering number of riders and take it to the streets of DC!! Share this with everyone you know!

Riders!…Kick Stands Up and lets ride for these American Heroes!! America’s Greatest Generation defended our rights 70 years ago. Not it’s time that we defend THEIR rights and ensure they have access to THEIR Memorials. It’s time we show our government that we will no longer tolerate the political thugs that feel they can punish America into submission!! We are done with it!!

Let’s roll!!

Second message from Zern (all emphasis is mine, not Eric’s):

Riders! Please listen up!!

I grow increasingly concerned at how some may

Eric Zern (from Facebook)

Eric Zern (from Facebook)

view the intent of this ride! Tomorrow we are riding to offer support to the our WWII veterans, and to make a showing in Washington DC that tells our government that we are still here and will not stand around idly while they remove our freedoms. What this ride is NOT is a bust Washington, DC up mission! I said in an earlier post that we will ride with honor! We will ride with respect! Going into Washington, DC and acting like the New York City motorcycle thugs is NOT what we, as true Americans and Patriots, are all about. It is in stark contrast to what we want to accomplish! It is in stark contrast to what we represent as Americans! There is a time for peace and there is a time for war. Our time for war has not yet arrived!

The Maryland State Police, Prince Georges County Police, and National Park Service (NPS) all know we’re coming, and are granting their full support to us! Right now they are on our side, and we want to keep it that way! However, I do not want law enforcement to be a deterrent to any violence predisposed by us.

What I want to be the deterrent can only be found in the heart of every rider on this mission! We love our country from our hearts! We love our veterans from our hearts! It is our hearts through which courage flows, and it is from our hearts that we make a choice to do what is right, or what is wrong!

Please keep the fire burning within your hearts to return this nation to her former glory!

Please keep the fire burning within your hearts to again see that eagle flying high and proud over this great nation once again!

But please also keep the fire burning in your hearts to represent the best that is in America! To make a statement for what is good! What is honest! What is excellent! What is admirable! What is honorable! What is descent! What is proper! What is respectful!

Those are the virtues that this great country once had and is what we, those who ride, still have! What good is it if we say we “defend” our Constitution, and then don’t live it ourselves? What good is it if we say we want “honor” from our government and then act in a dishonorable fashion ourselves? What good is it if we say we want our government to show us respect, when we, ourselves, show no respect?

Riders! Please don’t think for a moment that I have had a change of heart. I have not! I will be riding tall and proud with you all tomorrow! However, from the beginning it has not been my intent to engage in violence or destruction. That is why I used the words, “honorable” and “respect”!

The anger and outrage burns deep within me and last Wednesday when I placed the Call to Arms on the streets I was so angry I could have bitten a ten-penny nail clean in half!! I’m still angry!! But tomorrow is NOT our moment!

Tomorrow belongs to those vets that have already paid a very dear price, and we refuse to allow them to pay another dime! It is their day, not ours. THAT is what this ride is about!

I have received word from a VERY reliable source that the vets WILL be granted entry to their memorial tomorrow, and henceforth! I have further received word that our government is softening its approach with regard to the shut down placed upon our monuments.

Please ride with dignity, pride, honor, and respect during tomorrow’s ride. Do not be confrontational with the park police, nor with other law enforcement officials. Again, they are on our side and although they wear a badge, many are as angry as we are. Also, please consider future events in the Washington, DC area, and our brothers and sisters that will proudly wave the red, white, and blue in those events, also!

It will be an honor…AN HONOR!!…riding with you tomorrow as we again take our stars and stripes to the streets of Washington, DC!! ~ Eric Zern

This message is from Belinda Bee on the 2 Million Bikers to DC Facebook page:

Folks – I just got off the phone with DC Police. The officer was very helpful! He said, they were told to put the barricades back into place, they did (it’s their job to follow orders). He also said he couldn’t talk as a citizen since he was on the job…however, he would “imagine” all folks have to do is the same thing they did Tuesday, move the barricades!


PLEASE NOTE: He was not aware of any additional security as being reported. They did not have any additional folks there, they are skeleton crew as it was!

So some of these media’s who like to get folks worked up are apparently doing a good job of it!

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  • I’m with y’all in my heart

    • Tim Beck, I believe millions of us feel the same.

  • Oh I wish I had a bike.. and the ability to shoot across to Washington DC… All of you that ride tomorrow.. my heart is with ya’ll…

    • Hi David, I feel the same.

      • Hi Maggie.. I love all you who’ve commented here. I’m sure the Park Service People are as upset as we are.. they have a job.. even their bosses are under pressure from their bosses.. those are the ones we need to be very angry with. Respectfully walk past the lower level employees.. and only stand your ground if they do.. then advance.. Never ever give in to illegal activity via our government. WE ARE THE EMPLOYERS AND THE PAYMASTERS…. they’re our employees.. they have no right to tell their bosses what we can or can’t do as long as we’re not harming anyone.

    • Oh wow, just see you are having snow. We have 90 coming up in a few days.

  • Butch

    I was there today, Friday, expecting to get arrested. I walked pass the 17th St. barricades and entered the Memorial on the left side. I walked through the, 4′ high barricades that has a 2′ gape in them and passed 3 Park Rangers and entered the site. I was inside the Memorial w/about 12 other people and stared at the sheep on the 17th St. side looking in. As I left I wished the Rangers a good day.

    • God Bless you for your bravery. It is the willingness to be civilly disobedient that will bring this lawless regime to heel.

      • Opus#6, wonder if they can get the burlap up over the traffic cams, or if anyone is there to watch?

    • Butch, thanks for this first hand report. I believe the Rangers and the DC police hate this. I doubt they are having any good days. Did you see anything “wired shut?”

  • Maggie et al;

    I was there to escort the Honor Flight busses on Wed, 10/02. Barriers were up, but we had little trouble getting the Vets from NM into the WWII monument with a brisk discussion about 1st Amendment Right to FREELY ASSEMBLE. The Park Police did show up, but were mostly angry at people parked in handicap spaces w/ no tags… issued a half-dozen parking tix.

    We loaded back up, and proceeded to Lincoln monument, Korean and Vietnam War Memorial loop. It was blocked by a single sawhorse and a Park Police unmarked car. Brief chat, and the barrier fell aside and the busses were in!

    Here’s hoping a few riders will have video cameras on helmets: post that stuff all over youtube and Facebook as the gang rolls.

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  • Earl Owens

    made the first ride from Texas …. I can not make this one but am praying that all goes well and thanks to all who stand by in respect to our heros…my heart and thoughts are with you…vnv 71-73 …GOD BLESS AMERICA

  • Steve B

    I hope all went well on this Ride to Protect Honour and Heroes. I’m in England but I wish I could have joined in. My Father fought in Burma during WWII and had many good things to say about his American comrades-in-arms.
    No-one, but NO-ONE messes with our local War Memorial which honours our local men who never came back. There’s a new bouquet of flowers placed at the foot of the Memorial once a week, every week, paid for by donations to the local florist. She puts the over-payments into the Help for Heroes box. The entire village contributes to what is called the “Mem. flowers”.

    • Steve, you brought tears to my eyes with your wonderful comment. My father fought in the Pacific on an Aircraft Carrier. Believe me.. if they touch even one person going to that memorial.. if I have to spend my last dime to get to the WWII Memorial in Washington DC from Montana in the Northwest of the USA, I’ll do it.
      Thank you so much again for you wonderful words. You have a friend here in the USA now.. in me.
      My family came from Devon to the US in the 1600s. I’m sick at heart seeing the destruction of this countries greatness.

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