Benghazi: Admiral Charles Gaouette Fired for Making Racially Insensitive Comments, Profanity: Imagine That, a Sailor Cursing!

Diane Sawyer reports on nine high-ranking General Officers in the Military who have been “fired.” Martha Raddatz, also on with Sawyer, says these officers have Diane_Sawyer_15“some of the highest security clearances you can get” and some “have been in charge of the nation’s most sensitive nuclear arsenals.” An unprecedented number of General Officers have been removed from duty during Obama’s time in office. When you read the details, it is impossible to know the truth. All of the men and some women have served many years with distinguished records, and the suddenly, oops they’re gone. Maybe the “firings” are deserved. I don’t know, but it’s enough to make you raise your nose to the wind and believe you smell something rotten in the highest commands of our Military who just happen to abide by the wishes of a Commander-in-Chief.

Included in Sawyer’s report is Navy Admiral Charles

Admiral Charles Gaouette

Admiral Charles Gaouette

Gaouette who, according to Raddatz, was fired for “racially insensitive comments” and “abusive leadership.” In the real world, Gaouette, is accused of cursing in public. A sailor cursing. Shameful. Note that he has been accused of exactly NOTHING criminal.

Admiral William Halsey, Jr.

Admiral William Halsey, Jr.

Several officers said the complaint had been filed by Captain Ronald Reis, the commander of the Stennis, after the admiral admonished the captain for his ship-driving practices.

Captain Reis, the officers said, had been an exceptional EA-6 pilot before commanding the carrier, and was highly regarded for his intellect and drive.

But he did not follow normal protocols for driving the ship through busy shipping lanes, and ran a bridge in which the surface officers under his command felt tense and unable to offer their input, the officers said.

Three officers and two former officers familiar with the ship’s bridge procedures said the captain tended to act alone and by eye, and not carefully track the Stennis’s position relative to other vessels in crowded seas; one of them said he tended “to fly the ship.”

After Admiral Gaouette had ordered the captain to slow down as the vessel was steaming through ship traffic in the Malacca Strait in excess of 20 knots, the officers said, Captain Reis filed a complaint to the inspector general, claiming the admiral was abusive. Source: New York Times

Who do you believe? Reis, who was dressed-down for poor performance or three officers and other crew members of the USS Stennis. Someone receiving the report from the Ig believed Reis. Maybe they didn’t like Gauoette’s activities on the night of the Benghazi attacks. Maybe Gaouoett’s “insensitive comments” contained the words “Muslims” or “Islam.”

Gaouette was in charge of AFRICOM and aboard the USS John C. Stennis on September 11, 2012 when our Benghazi Compound was attacked. There are unconfirmed reports that he was relieved of command for attempting to help Army General Carter Ham with intelligence-aid while the Benghazi attacks were under way. Ham lost his command within minutes of deciding to send help from Tripoli to Benghazi.

Can you believe that almost every one of those relieved had a failure of character after distinguishing themselves throughout their long military history, many of them serving in battle, most, maybe all, receiving medals and awards? You don’t make it to General Officer without those ribbons adorning your chest.

In all, Raddatz says 16 commanders have been relieved this year, most for inappropriate behavior. She and Sawyer clearly believe those relieved of duty are the scum of the earth.

Diane Sawyer on “Fired” Military Officers (video)
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  • Smart Man

    They are being Replace by Alqeada

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  • poptoy1949

    I have seen and read BullSh*t before but this one seems to take the cake. If you think for one minutes these two Women actually care you are sadly mistaken. Obama is getting rid of those that one day may oppose him. Plain and simple. Somebody in the Military should come clean and tell the truth of what is really going on and openly admit that we have a Socialist/Communist in the White House and his Primary Goal is the total Destruction of the United States in any way, shape or form. Now that my friends is the TRUTH. Plain ans simple.

    • poptoy1949, I was appalled that neither of these women had even a snippet of information that they had discovered about this story. Liberals hate our Military. It’s that simple.

      I too am awaiting some one of these to come out and tell the whole story, but I suspect their pensions are at risk.

  • In the USSR, the second in command was always the Political Officer, or the eyes and ears of the Politburo. He kept an eye on the top dog for political reliability.

    • norma brown, I suspect that is what we have going here, all across our Military. I feel so bad for the men serving in the field.

  • Every one is being replaced by a PC officer and/or an Obama supporter. He is preparing to declare Martial Law and stay in office indefinitely. All hail King Barack the First!

  • In my opinion, a soldier don’t need to care about human souls and empathy. In the military, there is only one important thing: to do what your boss said and to protect your mates and your country. It isn’t a social club or a church, and the enemies won’t care about your mental health neither… So I think that admirals and other leaders should be only judged because of their military skills, not about their empathy… it’s okay, call me an old-schooled guy, but I know what I am talking about, I’ve spent 2 years in the army…

    • Peter, thank you for your service and I agree. Sad thing is, the US no longer fights to win. Those in the field do, when allowed, but the PC madness is consuming our Military leaders.

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