About Those Wire Cutters – Louie Gohmert, Ralph Hall Have a Pair

Yesterday I challenged Congress to bring their wire cutters to the Washington Mall, snip the wires, move the barriers around monuments and get arrested if that’s what it came down to, to allow Veterans to access our war memorials. Several legislators were ahead of me. Rep. Ralph Hall (R-TX), 90 years old and a retired Navy pilot, did show up with his wire snippers and said he was ready to go to jail if necessary. Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) and other members of the Texas delegation (and other states) have been helping veterans gain access for several days. Moving a barrier was one thing, cutting wires – another.

Ralph Hall

Ralph Hall


“It’s an open-air sidewalk for goodness sake,” Gohmert said. “It’s ridiculous.”

And when a group of Texas war veterans arrived Friday to see their memorial, several members of the Texas congressional delegation grabbed some wire cutters and made their way to the National Mall.

“I was ready to go to jail,” said Rep. Ralph Hall (R-TX). “If they got the handcuffs out, I’d have gone right with them.” Source: Fox New

Reminder: Bill Clinton did not shut-down access to monuments in the 1995 shut-down. Visitor services were closed but access was not.

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