Watcher of Weasels Nominations – Indian Summer Edition

The Watcher’s Council has published this week’s nominations and included my furious rant on Nidal Hasan’s $300,000 taxpayer-paid salary going to charity. Taxpayers chucked bucks into his bank account until the day he was convicted. What charity or which charities? We

Watchers Council - Indian Summer Edition

Watchers Council – Indian Summer Edition

haven’t a clue. It’s a secret. He’s Palestinian, his brother lives in Palestine, is an attorney who was in his brother’s cell many times – even “aided” Hasan’s defense team. Maybe the money went to Hamas or some-like-minded organization. Made me crazy and I admit it. I thank the Council, it’s ALWAYS a delight to find my name on their website. Here are the nominations and I promise – you’ll find great weekend reading below.

Council Submissions

Honorable Mentions

Non-Council Submissions

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  • Arlie

    Typing in gulagbound to visit the site and immediately get redirected to Something wierd is happening? Anyone else have problems logging onto gulagbound?

    • No prob for me at all Arlie. Page loaded quickly too.