Two Million Bikers Told Permit Application Not Received but…What About That Email With a Permit Number?

One more lying Obama agency – The Parks Department. As you know, the permit for a no-stop ride through DC tomorrow September 11, 2103 was denied. A Park Department employee Sheila Gotha allegedly told media the Biker’s application for a permit was never received and that’s why it was denied. Odd since the organizer, Belinda Bee says: (see an update below)

Click to visit Facebook Page

Click to visit Facebook Page

“From my understanding, [Gotha] has told two other media outlets that she had never heard of our permit, that we have never had a conference call. I shot them the email showing where she scheduled the conference call and on that conference call is the permit number,” Bee stated…

When asked about the motivations behind D.C.’s denial of the permit, Bee bluntly stated, “We were discriminated against because we’re Americans…. [Muslims] are going to celebrate the deaths of the Americans and that really has all the bikers very upset.”

Bee said that the plan remains unchanged. ‘The only thing we’re doing differently is that we’re not going to have a permit. We don’t have to have a permit; those streets are paid for by our tax dollars and we have a First Amendment right to ride down those streets.” Source:

Earlier this week the ‘GoFundMe’ fund was closed as the donation goal was met. The fund is now open again to help finance legal actions. I’m unclear about the exact complaints. One is identified on the 2 Millions Bikers to DC Facebook page and involves another FB page impersonating the group, using their graphics and words. It is described as a “legal battle.” Whether the group plans to include the Park Department in their “legal battles,” I don’t know.   While asking for financial assistance, the site says “DO NOT DO THIS IF YOU ARE ALREADY STRUGGLING.” If you can contribute go to GoFundMe and if you need inspiration, remember that the Million Muslim March permit was approved – their agenda? 9-11 Truther – several to speak. The marchers want the government to tell the truth about 9-11-2001. UPDATE 1:12 pm CDT – A new post on the Biker’s website says they are “fighting DC,” so as I expected the reopening of GoFundMe will hopefully allow them to slap the Parks Department with some justice.

If you plan to attend or want to cheer the Biker’s on, they are meeting tomorrow morning, Wednesday at the Harley Davidson in Ft. Washington, Maryland at 8 am and will ride from there. Check in with their Facebook page for any updates.

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