Truckers To Strike To Protest Obama Policies

Trucker Strike

It started with bikers rolling into Washington, DC. Now it’s the truckers’ turn. A group of truckers has put together a facebook page calling for all truckers to go on strike for three days beginning on October 11. The will also form a convoy and drive to Washington, DC to protest the policies of President Obama and his administration. Expose Obama has more details:

If successful,the strike could result in significant gridlock —both on the streets of Washington,D.C. and between points of delivery throughout the nation.

According to the movement’s social media administrators,the three-day strike hopes to accomplish three specific goals. In addition to interrupting truck deliveries and engaging in the trucker convoy,organizers hope to elicit support from the general population.

Calling for a general strike among American citizens of all stripes,the final objective is “No shopping. No paying bills. No using money for three days.”

Unquestionably a lofty goal,a large number of Facebook users seem inclined to take part.

The facebook page has almost 70,000 “likes” and the idea is spreading to Canada. There is now a Canadian truckers to shut down page.

It remains to be seen how many truckers will participate, so I’m going to stock up on necessities just in case.