Truckers To Strike To Protest Obama Policies

Trucker Strike

It started with bikers rolling into Washington, DC. Now it’s the truckers’ turn. A group of truckers has put together a facebook page calling for all truckers to go on strike for three days beginning on October 11. The will also form a convoy and drive to Washington, DC to protest the policies of President Obama and his administration. Expose Obama has more details:

If successful,the strike could result in significant gridlock —both on the streets of Washington,D.C. and between points of delivery throughout the nation.

According to the movement’s social media administrators,the three-day strike hopes to accomplish three specific goals. In addition to interrupting truck deliveries and engaging in the trucker convoy,organizers hope to elicit support from the general population.

Calling for a general strike among American citizens of all stripes,the final objective is “No shopping. No paying bills. No using money for three days.”

Unquestionably a lofty goal,a large number of Facebook users seem inclined to take part.

The facebook page has almost 70,000 “likes” and the idea is spreading to Canada. There is now a Canadian truckers to shut down page.

It remains to be seen how many truckers will participate, so I’m going to stock up on necessities just in case.

  • Always On Watch

    If this strike is extensive enough, we in the D.C. area certainly are going to need to stock up on supplies — and stay off the roads, if possible.

    I support the idea of this strike — never mind any personal inconvenience to me.

    “Going Galt” may be the only way to get some Americans to come to their senses!

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  • truckers strike in America

    It is true that if the truckers strike in America is extensive enough then it will definitely cut off supply of emergency medicines to hospitals and pharmacies which may lead to death of innocent people. Though I really appreciate truckers movement against the government corruption.

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  • http://Website donald

    they shut down our monuments, let’s shut down their city.

  • donald

    I’m not spending any money that weekend.