Syrian Rebels: 4 Beheadings One Day, McCain – They Have a “Fine Leader,” Bob Corker “Humiliated” We Aren’t Arming Jihadists Faster

The video below is from TIME Magazine (can’t believe I’m giving them any credibility at all) but I am because it is posted on The photographer/videographer says he photographed four beheadings in one day by the Free Syria Army (FSA). Brigadier General Salim Idris heads the FSA. John McCain traveled to Syria and met with Idris, saying he is a “fine leader” (no mention that Idris has a white-hot hate for Israel and for Assad because Assad has protected Israel). Senator Bob Corker also traveled to the Syrian border and had his chat with with the “moderate” Idris whose group is rebels is capable of beheading several in one day, and oh yes, hates Israel. Corker is “humiliated” that our “gun pipe-line isn’t operating fast enough” (that quote from September 11, 2013 – we remain stupid). On September 10th, 2013, Corker took credit for any plan that includes Assad dismantling chemical weapons:

Syrian Rebel Beheadings - 4 in one day according to TIME reporter at the scene.

Syrian Rebel Beheadings – 4 in one day according to TIME reporter at the scene.

Corker, who voted last week with the majority of Committee Democrats and a few Republicans to approve President Barack Obama’s request for military authorization in Syria, thinks the deal would not be on the table without his and other committee members’ votes. Source: Breitbart

Here’s the thing, McCain and Corker both know that Idris has publicly said Israel is his enemy. They both know that al-Nusra, an al-Qaeda network, is tightly allied with the FSA.

(L-R) John McCain with Brig. Gen. Salim Idris, Free Syria Army (Idris is on McCain’s Left) and Bob Corker with Idris somewhere on or near the Syrian Border

Atlas Shrugs has a video of the FSA naming all those they are merging with with, Jabhat al-Nusra, translated as al-Qaeda in Syria is on that list and the name read-out formally in the video by someone inside the FSA. See the video here. The screen-shot tells the story of the FSA embrace of al-Nusra. 

FSA Announces Merger with al-Nusra (al-Qaeda in Syria)

FSA Announces Merger with al-Nusra (al-Qaeda in Syria)

View the TIME Mag video below (it is graphic but not as graphic as it could be. Go to BenSwann for the written story by the unidentified TIME reporter who explains exactly what he saw. Chilling.

One incontrovertible FACT: There is not one single Muslim country that will tolerate any form of democracy. Why, why, why would we EVER arm any faction in any Muslim country twelve years after 9/11/01?

Time Magazine alleged video of Beheadings Perpetrated by the Free Syria Army (center)

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  • I once felt sorry for McCain but the way he’s been acting lately he can take a one-way trip back to Hanoi for all I care…and America would be a whole lot better off…

    • Yeah I felt bad for McCain once too but got over it
      in about 3 seconds. He’s another reason for term limits.

      • Justsomebody, McCain is a clear and compelling case of just because were a hero once, you can turn that around easily once you get to Capitol Hill.

    • Norm, his behavior on immigration is shocking. I just don’t get an Arizona Republican trying to get his vision of “immigration” through when it harms his home state to vastly.

  • Geo

    God help us all with the leadership we have today in Washington.

    The dimoCraps are all out socialist/marxists and the repubic leadership consist of McLame, Lindsey Lohan Graham, Boner, Cantor and the idiot Corker amongst others.

    • Geo, yes we are in an intolerable situation that we are forced to tolerate. We need a strong show in the coming budget battle, immigration and ObamaCare. If we do that, we can make a difference in Nov 2014. We need relentless attacks on Hillary’s character hourly.


    • Mark, the only good reason for some kind of aid I have heard is allowing us to have flyover rights, and keeping particular parts open, including the Persian Gulf. We have to pay for it. I’m not a navigator so I don’t know what problems would be without the right to fly over Egypt, for instance – that’s the only excuse that comes to my mind as necessary. The price is billions too high now.

  • GF

    Saudi money goes “a long way”

    • GF yes indeed it does!

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  • I feel sorry for these people, those being butchered and those doing the butchering because their wasting their lives and the lives of others as well. So sad! Then, I look at America, the country where I was born and I see the same thing happening here only legally, I cringe because we are sacrificing our potential children and adults to abortion. The world, and yes, even America, The Land Of The Free and The Home Of The Brave. When we stop murdering our babies, and only then, can we tell the world that we would help stop murdering the citizens of another country and only with a unified part of the world to help us achieve this goal. I hate to see our President, if that’s what you call him, and so many Congressman and women and Senators in defense of these butchers, when we here in America are as barbaric as those in other country’s are. Jesus has a good line for those that think that way. “First pull the plank out of your own eye before you try to pull the splinter from someone else’s eye.”

    • Evvy, the Left attempts to believe they are aborting a fetus, not a baby. The first step, and I think this one can be accomplished with a party change in the WH and Capitol Hill, is to put a stop to you and I paying for the abortions of others. I doubt we will ever be able to undo Roe v Wade, but we can undo you and I contributing to this terrible thing.

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  • Yos

    Thanks Maggie – I’ll not watch the video.

    These barbarians in Syria are not “extremists” but rather merely pious. (Really, think of them as just Leftists carrying out 100th trimester abortions.) The point being, the particularly sick pagan religion practiced in the region isn’t compatible with Liberty or Western ethical monotheistic values. Why would we blow the lessons hard learned from Iraq?

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