Syrian Rebel Eats Raw Organ of Assad Soldier? Depravity. Abu Sakkar Heart Eating Cannibal Explains

Two videos below. The “heart eating cannibal,” allegedly Abu Sakkar, explains what Assad did to his family. He says he didn’t actually take a “bite” of the raw organ of a dead regime soldier – it was all for show. Good grief, when you listen to him, you know it is insane to live under Islamic rule. The first video below is Glenn Beck’s commentary as you view the video of Sakkar, a Syrian rebel, pull the heart and liver (or maybe lung) out of a dead regime soldier, and take a bite, then send Assad a message. Other sources have the video as well. The second video is a translated interview by the BBC (according to comments). The BBC has another video commentary explaining the unexplainable but not showing the act. It’s disturbing, very graphic, be warned! Vomit Alert, Gag Alert.

Abu Sakkar - Heart Eating Cannibal (click the pic for more)

Abu Sakkar – Heart Eating Cannibal (click the pic for more)

Alleged Syrian Commander Rips Into Chest of Dead Syrian Regime Soldier, pulls out heart and liver and takes a bite (video)

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  • I’m so relieved to know we are supporting such charming folks. Yes, indeedy, we are certainly the moral pacesetters for the world.

    • Norma, when I think back to the months after 9/11/01 and then the beginnings of Iraq and Afghanistan, we knew the hijackers had to be beasts and savages, just as we knew the first bombing of the WWTC were inhuman, but most of us hadn’t a clue that most male Muslims are all that and more. We have almost half the world consisting of savages.

  • Does this guy honestly expect us to believe him? I don’t think so.