Sweden Works More Hours Than the US – US Workweek Shrinks to Record Low

ObamaCare is staring down employers. Thirty MILLION workers making $14.50 an hour or less are seeing their hours chopped. American workers now spend fewer hours on the job than Sweden! Eighty-five percent of adult Swedes work. In June 2013 only 58.6 percent of Americans age 16 years or older were in the workforce. The average for Europe is 70%.

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden

“In recent years, Sweden has cut taxes and dramatically reduced the generosity of unemployment insurance and other programs.” Read more detail at Powerline

The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that 89 MILLION Americans are jobless today. 

The cold truth, hours are cut to avoid ObamaCare penalties:

For a profit-making firm facing a 40% federal and state tax rate, the $3,000 annual, nondeductible fine employers may face for each worker who accesses ObamaCare subsidies is equal to $5,000 in deductible wages.

Thus, for a worker earning $15,000 in compensation, ObamaCare could raise an employer’s cost by one-third. Source: Free Beacon

I’ve always heard that Swedes are lazy – you know what I mean, they get coffee breaks, go to meetings and leave at 5pm. Tsk tsk.