Shooter Loose DC Navy Shipyard: Building 197 Center – Reports of Officer Down

MINUTE-BY-MINUTE BELOW – 12 13 CONFIRMED DEAD. UNKNOWN IF THE SHOOTER IS COUNTED AMONG THE DEAD. THIS POST TO REMAIN ON TOP FOR AWHILE. PLEASE SCROLL DOWN FOR OTHER NEWS: 8:22 am CDT: Peter Doocy Fox News is reporting this minute that he heard an urgent, frantic call for “officer down on third floor.” A copter is circling about 150′ above ground, very, very low…it appears the copter is looking for someone. The helicopter is flying “well below” a construction crane,” that’s how low it is flying. Ongoing updates. (keep in mind these details may change before the incident(s) is under control. UPDATE 8:41 am CDT, Fox is reporting a lone gunman barricaded inside Building 197. Scroll past photos for minute-by-minute updates. 1:15 pm Catherine Herridge on Fox this minute – a manhunt under way for two suspects – see descriptions below. DC Police Chief: 12 DEAD – remember 13 dead at Ft. Hood from “workplace violence died) (actually 14 as an unborn child died)

Aaron Alexis (I believe this is a mugshot from Ft. Worth)

Aaron Alexis (I believe this is a mugshot from Ft. Worth)

Photo courtesy of Drudge. Click the pic for more.

Photo courtesy of Drudge. Click the pic for more.

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Photo courtesy of
Click pic for details


Begin Updates:

4:13 pm CDT: Fox News’ Jennifer Griffin is reporting that the third person they are looking for was seen on video with a long gun in front of the entrance to Building 197 (which doesn’t mean that he was involved – but was caught on security camera).

4:00 pm CDT: Aaron Alexis was formerly an enlisted member of the U.S. Navy. No info on his release.

3:29 pm CDT: Police Press Conference – Now 13 dead, unknown if gunman Aaron Alexis counted among the 13. Police Chief Cathy Lanier says there was a gunfight with the gunman.

3:22 pm CDT: DC Police Chief says the investigation is still ongoing. Another official said the search is still ongoing for the Black male wearing olive-drab military-styled clothing seen on security cameras, 180 lbs, 5’10” tall with graying sideburns.

2:20 pm CDT: Aaron Alexis, 34 from Ft. Worth, Texas has been identified as the deceased shooter, a “civilian contractor.” It’s believed he may have used stolen i.d. to access the base.

Fox is just now reporting that the Senate shutdown out of an “abundance of caution.” Tonight’s baseball game has been CANCELLED.

2:00 pm CDT Fox News: One of the two men being sought has been found and he has been eliminated. Second man still sought.

1:22 pm CDT Jennifer Griffin: Navy Yard still on lockdown – “this is not over, still ongoing.” Ten of 12 were killed in Building 197. One security guard killed outside closer to base.

1:07 pm CDT: NEWS CONFERENCE: Confirming 12 fatalities – TWELVE DEAD according to Chief Cathy Lanier. Still on the lookup for White male 40 yrs old in uniform consistent with U.S. Navy and Black male 40-5- years old in olive-drab military-styled uniform, 180 lbs, 5’10” tall with graying sideburns. Another update from police in 2 hours. “Targeted and premeditated.”

12:53 pm CDT: Four reported in hospital and expected to survive.

11:24 am CDT Kirk Lippold former Commander of USS Cole: Has friends in the building, one with multiple bullet holes in door, got to a place where they could shelter in place. Lippold was texting with friends.  When you go to the front door of the building, you have to be cleared to enter before you enter the interior or someone meets you there and signs you in. Reports that shooter, not cleared, began shooting. His friends work on 3rd or 4th floor. People still unaccounted for inside Building 197.

11:11 am CDT: NEWS CONFERENCE: Shooter entered building and began shooting. Authories: 4 wounded removed from scene and taken to hospital. Still trying to confirm fatalities. Police Chief comes to podium – Chief Lanier – another briefing in two hours. First call came in at 8:15 am EDT and assistance were on the scene within 7 minutes. One Metro Police officer shot and in critical condition, one shooter deceased, other casualities no numbers but multiple victims deceased inside. TWO POTENTIAL, UNCONFIRMED SHOOTERS ONE WHITE MALE SEEN AROUND 8:35 IN KHAKI TAN MIL UNIFORM, BERET HAT WITH HAND GUN. ALSO LOOKOUT FOR BLACK MALE ABOUT 50, MAY HAVE BEEN IN POSSESSION LONG GUN – OLIVE DRAB MIL-STYLED UNIFORM.

More than one shooter still unconfirmed BUT Police Chief Lanier says there is a search underway for two more shooter in Military-styled uniforms.

11:05 am CDT Greg Jarrett: Six dead from AP, according to Navy – 6 dead.

10:59 am CDT Rod Wheeler, former DC Police and Homicide: Authorities are on the 3rd and 4th floors. Shooter’s body is still there. Hospitals expecting more patients. One of Wheeler’s friends, a policeman is in critical condition in hospital and was the one who first engaged at least one shooter.

10:47 am Jenna Lee reads a report from a hospital: One woman lifted from roof. One woman shot in head.

10:44 am CDT Greg Jarrett: AP now changes their message to “One shooter dead.”

10:40 am CDT Greg Jarrett: AP Wire says Federal official says “the shooter is dead.” Not confirmed. No further details about press conference that is now delayed. Reuters using different language: “One shooter down.”

10:33 am CDT: Rod Wheeler on Fox with Greg Jarrett: He had early reports that one shooter had multiple weapons.

10:30 am Jenna Lee: No shots heard for last half hour which may confirm that a shooter is pinned down, but police are still working under the assumption there are two shooters.

10:21 am CDT Jennifer Griffin: Navy officials tell her they are now working on the assumption there are two shooters. A second building is now being entered. As you’ll see below, two hospitals have patients with wounds from two different “casings.”

10:13 am CDT Jenna Lee Fox News: Navy now taking lead in investigation to “clear” the building.

10:06 am CDT Peter Doocy: Still a very active scene. Official vehicles still moving in area very quickly. Police conference soon.

9:57 am CDT Steve Centani: Female witness in the building heard gunfire, ran out of the building and say a female armed security officer who told her to go quickly.

9:53 am CDT Peter Doocy: Weather deteriorating. Police and copters still coming in. Rain still falling, not much wind.

9:49 am CDT: Rod Wheeler on Fox: Two hospitals where victims were taken say two different kinds of rounds used. That’s why there is conflicting info that there may be two shooters.

9:47 via McCallum – WaPo: Belive one shooter is “pinned down” between 3rd and 4th floor of Building 197. An untimed WaPo report says 4 killed, 3 gunmen then changes it to say 2 shooters, 4 killed, injured 8 on ground.

9:42 am CDT McCallum: Questions about a second shooter. Unanswered. Helicopter has two armed officers with guns aimed at the ground.

9:37 am CDT: Hazardous materials truck just rolled up, and a very large truck marked DC Metro Police. Blasting loud message to people in building to shelter in place until an all clear is given.

9:26 am CDT: Reagan National reopened now.

9:35 am CDT: Rod Wheeler on Fox: Triage being set up close by. Fox Hemmer says they cannot confirm fatalities even though there are reports of fatalities.

9:34 am CDT: Witness being interviewed at the scene, pandemonium while trying to evacuate building, people falling down and climbing walls trying to get out. A Black witness saw the shooter and said the shooter is a Black Man.

9:31 am CDT: Admiral “Jon” Greenert may have been evacuated. He lives on the base and is top Navy official, Chief of Naval Operations.

9:20 am CDT: Hold in Place order still active for surrounding area. Griffin confirms Navy officials working under assumption that there is one shooter.

9:27 am CDT: Jennifer Griffin confirming casualties and she confirms the shooter is “African American” and is injured. Now 12 casualties but no confirmation of number of dead.

9:26 am CDT: AP report: DOD says several killed, at least 10 wounded. Shooter contained by not in custody. McCallum reports shooter injured but not in custody.

9:24 am CDT: Another copter hovering just a few feet – now another basket lifted up. Can’t tell what is in the basket but the coper goes directly over Doocy moving quickly – can see two men in full body armor.

9:21 am CDT Doocy: Corner of L and 7th St – action at corner of L and M. Scary scene. Ambulances are moving away, believed to have victims. An empty bus was escorted by police, moving quickly toward building.

9:21 am CDT: Can see live on Fox ambulances still arriving.

9:20 am CDT: Another basket dropped and within seconds being lifted with a person inside.

9:19 am CDT: Defense Official via Bill Hemmer: Quoting officials, “several fatalities.” Police cars racing through the streets, Black armored S.W.A.T.-type vehicle, and a bus.

9:17 am CDT: Chris Kelly Metro Police: Confirms at least 10 shot at Shipyard: 8 civilians, 1 Metropolitan Police Officer and 1 Base Officer.

9:16 am CDT Hemmer: Pentagon saying several victims and some fatalities, but no hard numbers.

8:14 am CDT WAPO re “Police”: THREE shooters, at least one in fatigues. (remember, these are early reports – no confirmation)

9:14 am Doocy and Hemmer: Helicopter now stopped and hovering back left corner away from street over Building 197. Dropping an empty basket down now. Basket now coming up again with a person in it. Doesn’t look like a law officer. Person seems to be a large man in civilian clothing. Helicopter now slowly leaving scene.

9:12 am CDT Peter Doocy: On “L” street a fast moving convoy including police and ambulance and police van. Action is on “M” Street.

9:09 am CDT Peter Doocy: 200 yds in front of Doocy, with long lens, saw copter hovering close to top of Building 197. Officer, rmored officer dropped down on top of building. The coper has not removed the officer. I believe he said others have been dropped onto the top of Building 197. Right now copter coming in low and slow.

9:05 am CDT: Extra security at White House. Obama briefed several times.

9:04 am CDT: McCallum says she has photos of some down on the ground outside the building. Speculating that security may have been assaulted to gain entry to Building 197.

9:01 am CDT: Jennifer Griffin: Navy sources: Security officer inside Navy Yard. An AR-15 assault rifle being used by shooter who is still at large, maybe inside the building. Some in injuries may have happened on the roof of Building 197. Four (4) confirmed injuries.  Suspect wearing dark shirt, dark top.

8:59 am CDT: McCallum now saying shooter is adult male and bald. She does not use the word “Black” as you’ll read below at 8:47 am CDT.

8:54 am CDT: DC’s Reagan National Airport shutdown.

8:24 am CDT: Bill Hemmer says there is a report of a shooter on the 4th floor. Hemmer is reporting the Washington Post reports 3 possibly 4 shot inside the Navy Yard.

Shooting began at about 7:00 am CDT. Most of the action is taking place in Building 197, the Naval Sea Systems Command – 4 stories tall, 3,000 people working inside.

Former U.S. Navy Captain Chuck Nash: They do not run operations out of Building 197. This building develops and procures the weapons and ships and systems. Mostly a civilian operation, Navy civilian. There are some uniformed people there as well but it is mostly civilian. At 7:20 am CDT (8:20 am CDT) it would be very crowded in the area. There is strict security in the area. Firearms are not allowed inside, but there are armed security inside.

Martha McCallum: Multiple woundings, Multiple wounding.

8:49 am CDT: Whatever was dropped down onto the building was just pulled back up. It looks like a basket. Fox is airing it now. Helicopter has left area.

8:47 am CDT: ABC via McCallum: Suspect is Black male, 6′ tall and bald.

8:46 am CDT: Helicopter hovering just a few yards from top of Building 197. Copter dropped someone or something onto the top of the building.


8:42 am CDT: McCallum – sense on the ground is that they have someone in their focus.

Peter Doocy: things have calmed down. Helicopters are gone. Sirens have slowed. He saw a S.W.A.T. or police in shorts with full body armor and a long gun. Lots of police at “N” Street entrance. Many police cars arriving this minute.

Armored vehicle just arriving, parallel to an ambulance and staging area for fire department.

8:40 am CDT: Hemmer reporter saying Washington Post says a lone shooter is barricaded inside Building 197.

8:38 am CDT: McCallum: FBI releasing this is still an active scene. No one in custody.

8:35 am CDT: Robert McFadden Former NCIS Special Agent on Fox with McCallum and Hemmer: High density area.

Hemmer reads: 4 victims, unsure if all are alive or dead. Police coming in and out of building. Many ambulances on the scene.

From CBS:

The Navy Yard is on lockdown and a “shelter in place” order has been issued, the Navy says. About 3,000 people work in the building, the Navy says.

The 11th Street Bridge is closed in both directions. M Street is closed near New Jersey Avenue near 11th Street. Source: CBS

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  • At 8:25 Eric Holder was arguing for stronger gun control.

    • Woodsterman, they won’t give up!

  • Emails jammed in DC. Go to twitter for updates.

    • Thanks Laura, am doing so.

  • Fox is no longer calling the shooter black. Won’t mention the shooters race. We are becoming England very fast.

    • findalis, they said it once, then ‘refrained’ but Jennifer Griffin confirmed it, along with a Black man who was in the building and saw the “Black” shooter.

      • Military scuttlebutt says that the shooter was shouting Allah Akbar!

  • The police are now searching for two more potential suspects.

    Traffic in D.C. and close by is in a snarl.

  • Breaching the Navy Yard is now easy task. An inside job of some type.

    • AOW, I heard that the two described in two differing mil-style dress could have been actual Guard on duty and mistaken for shooters.

      • The search is still on for one person of interest; one person of interest has been cleared.

        There are a lot of unanswered questions related to the one dead shooter, Aaron Alexis.

        Why did he leave the Naval Reserve?

        How could he afford a trip to Thailand about 6 months ago?

        Why did a man with at least one gun violation ever get permission to work at the Washington Navy Yard in the first place?

  • It is now 10 hours after the attack began, and that man “with the long gun” has still not been cleared. I see yet another news conference on my TV screen, and we in the D.C. are told to be on the lookout!

    • AOW, just be careful there tonight or until the other man has been discounted. They saw him on security cams, with a long gun, and if only MP’s carry guns there or contractor security, they should be able to ID him quickly. What do you think?

      • Apparently, we’ve been given the all clear now. That other man didn’t appear on the tapes, and only one witness claimed to have seen him.

      • Apparently, we’ve been given the all clear now. That other man didn’t appear on the tapes, and only one witness claimed to have seen him.

        A tense day here for all of us in the D.C. area yesterday.

        • AOW, actually I’m glad he wasn’t on security cameras (as reported) because it simple didn’t make sense to lift the ‘lookout.’ Safe safe up their in wild country usa.