Salim Idris Syria Rebel Leader is Allahu Akbar McCain’s Moderate: Israel is Idris Enemy

Brigadier General Salim Idris is a Syrian rebel leader of the Free Syria Army. According to Senator John McCain, Idris is a “fine leader” and he’s a “moderate” with a fierce hate for Israel. Idris is quoted saying “Israel is an enemy country” and the only Israeli collaborator in the region is Bashar Assad. Allahu Akbar McCain has chosen sides against the only democracy in the Middle East and the only civilized population abiding there. Judeo-Christian beliefs are not welcome in the Middle East ANYWHERE and it should take more than than a little sprinkling of Obama fairy dust to convince Congress of this well-known reality.

Salim Idris, Free Syrian Army

Salim Idris, Free Syrian Army

“Israel is an enemy country,” Idris said, according to a translation of his remarks made by the Middle East Media Research Institute. “I say this loud and clear. It occupies Syrian lands. The FSA will not change its position regarding that country before it withdraws from the Syrian lands, and recognizes the legitimate rights of the Arab Palestinian people.” Source: CNSNews

Both Kerry and Allah Akbar McCain or either lying or have chosen a willing suspension of disbelief to make Barack Obama look exciting again:

Even Mustapha al-Sheikh, among the first senior officers to defect from the Syrian army, says the rebels he joined are too divided to gain much from a possible Western military attack against President Bashar al-Assad…

“For the U.S. and Western powers, there is a Syrian opposition that they’d like to see and that doesn’t exist,” said James Fallon, a Middle East analyst at Control Risks in Dubai. “The U.S. knows who it wants to back. It knows what it wants the Syrian opposition to look like. But those groups are only part of a larger, more disperse grouping of opposition.”

Assad’s crackdown on initially peaceful protests has gradually turned the Syrian conflict into a war involving more than 1,000 rebel groups, according to an estimate from the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency in July. Al-Sheikh, the rebel commander, said that number was accurate.

“Uniting the different groups is almost an impossible task,” said Ghanem Nuseibeh, the London-based founder of Cornerstone Global Associates. “It’s going to take many months to shore up one particular part of the opposition and put it in a leadership position and make others rally around it.”

The fighters include Jabhat al-Nusra, an Islamist organization classified as terrorists by the U.S. which has been accused of beheading regime loyalists, and other similar groups. The influence of such militants within the rebel movement rules out a sustained military campaign by outside forces to topple Assad, said Firas Abi Ali, a London-based Middle East analyst at research firm IHS. Source: Bloomberg August 28, 2013

Mafqud wa-Mawjud (Thomas Carlson) points to the increasing alarm that radical extremists with ties to al-Qaeda have the money and the arms and Salim Idris may be tempted to adhere to the more radical position to achieve the Free Syrian Army goal – which does not include protection for Israel or Christians:

On the rebel side, international observers have been alarmed at the increasing influence of jihadi extremism, usually linked to al-Qa’ida.  Free Syrian Army commanders have complained of soldiers defecting to Jabhat al-Nusra, and cited the lack of ammunition held by the FSA compared to the free-flowing arms of the jihadi Jabhat al-Nusra as an explanation for this trend.  In other words, as Salim Idris has grown increasingly frustrated at the failure of western nations to provide his Free Syrian Army with weaponry, the more extreme groups have plenty of weaponry from international sources supporting their jihad against the infidel Syrian regime.

The idea is that many of those fighting for jihadi groups do not necessarily agree with the ideology, but are willing to tolerate it for the sake of getting what they desire more, which is the weaponry to fight against the regime…

The Syrian rebels have done very little to convince religious minorities that a post-Assad Syria will be better for them, or that the occasional vague assurances of minority rights in the future Syria will be enacted.

The one-sided portrayal of the Syrian Civil War by the US government, lionizing the rebels and demonizing the regime, has left many Syrian non-Sunnis feeling that America has betrayed its principles of democratic pluralism and minority rights…

The point: there are no moderates. Allahu Akbar John McCain and Bill O’Reilly are not paying attention to detail. On the issue of the Syrian gassing of civilians O’Reilly has said, we must not “let evil go unchallenged.” It’s a tough lesson for Americans to swallow – everything about Muslims engaging in ANY war is evil. You can’t get around it, look over it – can’t ignore the truth, which O’Reilly is doing because he is simply ignorant on the subject of the Koran. Maybe we didn’t get it after 9/11/01, but we get it now.

The idea of moderate Muslims fighting wars in Muslims countries is a work of fiction. Salim Idris is no moderate. Allahu Akbar McCain is no conservative.

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  • You’ve nailed it again, Maggie.

  • CarlJD

    As a Citizen of the USA, having read the entire article above & a person who has taken an OATH to Protect & Defend the Constitution. This says it all:

    “Judeo-Christian beliefs are not welcome in the Middle East ANYWHERE and it should take more than than a little sprinkling of Obama fairy dust to convince Congress of this well-known reality”.

    • CarlJD, thanks for reading and commenting Carl. We know all this and yet the McCains (GOP and Dem) in Congress think (even if they all don’t say it) that Allahu Akbar is actually the same as saying Thank You God. They have to know the difference. It’s appalling and this country will pay dearly for putting these idiots on Capital Hill.

      • CarlaJD

        My oops.. my screen name is CarlaJD I left hand forgot to hit the second “a” LOL

        • I thought maybe you were a couple, Carl and Carla 🙂