Robert Small Common Core: Concerned Parent Arrested Jailed for Public Meeting “Activism”

Only the Left would classify a concerned parent at a School Board meeting an activist. The man in the video is Robert Small, a parent who is attending a Towson, Maryland public meeting about Common Core. He asks why Common Core has a goal to dumb down our children and prepare them for only a two-year college. He is literally manhandled by a security guard for asking the question. He was arrested and jailed. This morning the charges were dropped but look at how this “security” person physically jerks him around. Mr. Small exhibited a great deal of self-control by not knocking the crap out him. There is another, more in-depth video here (audio not great) showing that Small attempts to quote something the board or panel has already said.

Robert Small Manhandled by Department of Education Security

Robert Small Manhandled by Department of Education Security

The police officer involved in the incident was off duty and working as a security officer for the event. He apparently intervened at the request of Baltimore County Schools Superintendent Dr. S. Dallas Dance’s chief of staff.

Dance issued a short statement on the public meeting on Common Core State Standards, hosted by the Maryland State Department of Education. However, he failed to even mention the fact that Small was removed and arrested.

The Board said questions were to be submitted in writing and no questions would be taken from the audience. Sheeple attending meetings on something as important as Common Core would buy that. Small likely believed there was small-to-zero chance his question would be read and discussed. He cared enough to try to bring attention to the big problems of Common Core’s Social Justice agenda and did a good job.

But…arresting a parent at a public meeting for what you see in the video is bizarre, especially considering we allow the New Black Panthers to intimidate voters and stand in front of polling places wielding night sticks.

Robert Small, Towson Maryland Department of Education Meeting on Common Core

  • He has been released with charges dropped and the people are trying to recall the school board.

    Sometimes the sheeple do fight back!

  • This school board is the future of the Democrat Party. They forget who they work for … sound familiar?