Remembering Victims of September 11, 2001: Project 2996 Needs Bloggers to ‘Adopt’ a Victim to Be Remembered

If you are not aware of Project 2996, I’d like to explain the project. Each year on September 11th, bloggers post tributes of one of those who perished in the numerous attacks of September 11, 2001. There are still those who have not been ‘remembered’ or the links to their tribute pages have become broken or inactive. You needn’t know the person to write about them. I’ve been able to find find information online on the names I’ve chosen – enough to leave a small legacy of who they were and how they are missed. Visit Project 2996 to find a name. There is a separate list of those needing a remembrance. Choose a name and leave a comment on any page so that the webmaster knows you are participating. For examples, you can view my write-ups on Laurie Ann Neira AA Flight 11Robin Kaplan AA Flight 11, and David E. Retik, AA Flight 11.

L-R Laurie Ann Neira on Right with her daughter, David E. Retik, Robin Kaplan

I will choose a new name this year and post it on September 11th. If you blog, I hope you will join the effort.

My Daily Musings has posted her tribute to Christopher P. Sullivan – read it here.

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  • These people’s lives should not be forgotten. It is also rewarding to we the living, to do the research into these total strangers, just living their lives, minding their own business, when they were brutally murdered by terrorists.

  • Carla Dolney

    Dated October 2001 Communique Defense Intelligence Agency
    DIA Honors Fallen Colleagues in the Aftermath of the Pentagon Tragedy

    The Seven DIA Employees who lost their lives were also among the co-workers I shared my days with while at the Pentagon prior to the 9/11/01 attack.

    I take this time to list their names and send a prayer to their families & Friends — We Will Never Forget Them

    Karl W. Teepe
    Rosa Chapa
    Charles Sabin
    Patricia Mickley
    Sandra Foster
    Shelley Marshall
    Robert Hymel

    To say the least, I recall that day with utter horror & sadness.

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